The latest gear from The Oregonian Camper, to scratch that itch. Two models that can be used at home.

3 years ago

Even if you think you’ve chosen carefully gear, the most important part in creating a site that is often overlooked is miscellaneous goods such as trash cans and kitchen paper. I want make things as comfortable and homely as possible, but the reality is that there are few options.

From the “Oregonian Camper”, which develops gears with a design that appeals to the masculine side and with excellent usability, a new size of a popular trash box and a new kitchen paper holder Is released.

An item that kills two birds with one stone that can be used not only for weekend camps but also for everyday indoor use.

Two birds with one stone, excellent both outdoors and indoors.

Tent in Pop Up Trash Box  ¥3520

One size down from the military-style outdoor trash can that expands from a compactly folded state. A garbage bag can be fixed with the snap buttons on the inside. You can also divide the bag into two and separate the garbage.

Compared to the conventional model (¥ 4180) on the left of the photo, the new model, which is one size smaller with a diameter of 30 cm and a height of 27 cm, is also good for use in a tent.

As you can see, it can be stored compactly when not in use, just like conventional products.

The waterproof PVC switching on the bottom panel is the same as before. Guaranteeing durability and water resistance.

Kitchen Paper Holder  ¥2970

A kitchen paper holder with a handsome over-engineering that uses 700D polyester similar to the trash box. With webbing, a carabiner can also be attached.

In addition to the regular size (right photo), they also have a super size (left ¥ 3300) that supports large kitchen paper.

Built-in center pole structure. Paper can be pulled out smoothly even when it starts to run low.

The handle has a buckle and can be attached to the headrest of a car.

These are ideas that promise to help create a more comfortable space if you buy it for this fall / winter camp, but it seems to be very useful at home too.

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