Functional eco-wear and UL bags. Featuring two new brands to keep an eye out for!

3 years ago

This year, the world has changed drastically due to the influence of the new coronavirus. So we have decided to pay attention to two brands that are looking forward to the future, and shining at the turning point of a new era.

The first is “Bring,” a sustainable manufacturer that collects and recycles unnecessary polyester clothes. The other is “Platform,” a garage gear manufacturer born in Miyagi prefecture that develops and manufactures products with the theme of unifying the town, mountains, and travel.

Just by hearing about their brand concepts and originality makes you want to support them so we thoroughly recommend you check out both of these forward thinking brands of the future!



long sleeve T  ¥5830、underwear  ¥3740~

At their own factory in Kitakyushu, they have developed a unique technology that makes it possible to reuse polyester fiber, which is rarely recycled, as many times as necessary. It has excellent water absorption and quick-drying properties, and has a cotton-like feel. Wool is also blended into the fabric mix for the underwear. This is a brand that is really on trend as part of the era of sustainability.

A sweatshirt series with fleece-like texture just like cotton is also available. It has excellent water absorption and a dry touch, so it can be worn not only for casual use but also for exercise. Crew neck ¥ 10780, zip hoodie ¥ 13530

As you would expect from a brand that develops minimalistic design that omits extra decoration, the logo name is also very simple. This makes it great for everyday wear.



left ¥8250、 above ポーチ ¥6380、 down サコッシュ 各¥8250

“Platform” is a garage brand from Miyagi prefecture that has come together thanks to the skills of many talented individuals. They carefully select and develop simple and limitless accessories centered on UL materials such as Dyneema and X-PAC.

A palm-sized minimal coin case with a characteristic hexagon shape. You can open and close it with one hand by passing your finger through the loops on both sides. It can also be attached to webbing up to 20 mm. ¥ 2200 each

They seem to be a brand that makes heavy use of technical materials such as X-PAC, and often feature a futuristic finish.

Photo/Shouta Kikuchi
Text/Satoshi Yamamoto