How usable is the rumored new tent “Sabbatical”? Here are our impressions!

4 years ago

New outdoor gear brand Sabbatical started in Summer 2019. As soon as it was announced it became a hot topic among attuned campers and has become so popular that some models sold out immediately after the initial September launch.

Our editorial departments tried out on of their shelters the Morning Glory TC and these are our thoughts.

This is a groundbreaking shelter, with great looks, functionality and price.

Initially Sabbatical released 4 models this fall, 2 types of shelter and 2 types of tarp using the natural colored TC material. However the most popular item is the 2-4 person shelter “Morning Glory TC”.

It is an unusual bell type shelter but unlike many other bell type shelters it has an innovative design that fuses a one pole tipi style. The warm texture from the TC material that is spark resistant, durable and provides excellent shade are key points.

In addition, a large front panel, an open-able back panel and an optional inner tent are also available.

The price is also well worth a mention. Even purchasing both the main body and the inner tent, the combined total is less than 60,000yen including tax. Considering the use of the TC material and the size of the shelter this is a great price.

As for the set up, it looks complicated at first glance but once you peg down the four front and rear building tape, you can set up various poles and peg down the surroundings.

If you have ever set up a bell tent, you should be able to set this up easily as soon as you understand the shape. For beginners you can download the manual from the Sabbatical website so rest easy.

Let’s dig deeper into the details of the Morning Glory. Check out the end of the article for detailed specifications such as size and accessories.

POINT 1 A special design that uses many poles even though it’s a bell shaped tent.

First of all, the main attraction is the large front panel.

Usually, if it is a bell shaped tent, the front panel normally has a vertical zip between the centre and bottom and opens up into an A shape, but with the Morning Glory the centre and both sides have a total of 3 sub poles. Due to this unique structure both sides can be opened and closed with a zip.

This allows you to fully open into a pentagon shape which looks great. This makes it easy to enter and exit while carrying other camping gear. There is also a large mesh panel that provides ventilation to the entire front making it great for hot weather.

The front side can be opened by using the zip on the side. They have adopted a Vislon zipper which reduces the difficulty in opening and closing caused by freezing in cold weather.

Also, the front panel adopts the same Vislon zipper technology to provide extra safety and ease of use in minus zero climates where freezing may occur.

POINT 2 Back panel structure with free style arrangement.

One of the main attractions is the ability to adjust the tension which is unusual for bell styled tents.

By opening and closing the zip placed on the back panel, you can open not only the front but also multiple faces allowing for the creation of an open living space.

Styled with rolled up panels on both sides.

Some people might make the assumption that the assembly of this tent is a bit of a hurdle but in reality it is quite easy. Once it is set up, all you have to do it open the zip and roll back the panels and customize the set up to your needs.

The back panel can be opened and closed in two stages, fully open and half open meaning ventilation can be adjusted.

However, since the point through which the peg passes depends on which panel is opened it is best to decide on what style before you begin the setting up.


POINT 3 Ventilation and skirts can be used all season!

Adjusting the temperature of the inside of the tent is essential and highlights the ventilation capabilities of the shelter.

The front panel has a mesh panel on one side, as well as triangular mesh panels on both sides and ventilation on the top. This helps to mitigate the hot interior that is often associated with bell style tents.

The ventilation at the top of the shelter has a pole attached to the zip pull making it easy to access even if you are not tall.

As previously mentioned a higher level of ventilation can be achieved by rolling up the back panel so the wind can flow freely during hot weather and it is equally as useful during winter when using a stove.

In addition, a skirt circulates around the bottom to prevent cool air from entering and retaining internal heat for use during the fall and winter camping scene.

A great shelter should be versatile and usable in all seasons and the combination of the different ventilation methods and skirting provides this.


POINT 4 When combined with an inner tent a two room space for adults can be easily achieved.

Don’t forget that this can be used as a two room tent for two adults when combined with the optional inner tent (12,980yen).

The inner tent is a hanging type. Hooks are attached to the loop at the top of the main pole and both sides are fixed with buckles. Once the back panel is pegged down it’s finished.

The inner tent size is W395×D220×H220cm. The brands official website states that it can be enjoyed by 2+ adults which means that there is large extra space if only sleeping two people allowing for lots of luggage storage if there are no additional people.

Moreover, even with a castel merino table (approx. 100×60×70cm) and a bench (approx. 100×30×42cm) with an inner attached there is still enough room and is large enough to be used as a living room in a duo camp set up.

The main body and inner tent are stored together. The total weight is about 16.6kg. In addition to the TC material, there are more poles than a conventional bell type tent and they are made of steel so it is quite heavy. In campsites where cars are not allowed a carry cart would be advised.



At the recent Go Out Camp event a camper was using the Morning glory so we got some real feedback on its style and usage.

【Style Sample】An all in one style using an inner tent.

This tent site is using the forest green which sold out immediately upon release.

The owner, Rita said ‘I decided to buy this after realizing that finding a poly cotton mix tent in this color and size was a rare chance. I also considered the large shelter Sky Pirate but in the end the TC material, large size and weight swung decision”.

So what are his impressions of the tent now he’s using it? “First of all, it’s very easy to set up and the instructions are easy for anyone to understand. The spacious entrances are great for carrying luggage in and out plus it gives you a wide field of view which is great for seeing Mt. Fuji

Rita also had the back panel half opened. “It’s unusual for a bell shaped tent to have multiple entrances. The back panel can be adjusted in various ways making it convenient for regulating the ventilation. During the day it’s nice to have it open and allow the fresh air to flow through”.

He also added “I’m happy that the standard equipment set up comes with a special hanger tape. Normally, if you use a bell tent you aren’t able to hang anything unless you have a separate lantern hanger”.



The cost performance is great, we think it will be a big hit!

The Morning glory has a large opening front panel, freely adjustable rear panel, handy features for all seasons and can be split into two rooms. Additionally it is a model that seems to have taken advantage of TC material made popular in other tents with a water resistant finish but still remaining under 60,000yen (with tax) including the inner tent. This is truly excellent value for money.

The beige color much like the forest green is currently in short supply but is due to be restocked in January 2020. Due to it’s limited availability and popularity we recommend getting your hands on one as soon as the chance arises.

Packed Size:L77cm×W36cm×H23cm
Number of persons:2~4人
Weight:Main Body 9.2kg、Poles 3.7kg、Pegs 1.45kg
Color:Forest Green, Light Beige
Contents:Main Body, 1 Centre Pole, 1 Front Pole, 2 Side Poles, 1 Hanger Tape, 14 Pegs, 7 Ropes, Carry Bag, Pole Case, Peg & Rope Case

■Inner Tent(Sold Separately)
Number of Persons:2人+α
Contents:Main Body, 3 Pin Pegs, Peg & Rope Case.

Photo/Takuma Utoo