Neighborhood releases a large amount of collaboration gear with popular brands! 11 new gems such as Grip Swanny and Toyotomi bespoke items for winter camping.

3 years ago

NEIGHBOROOD’s outdoor gear collection has become a hot topic every year and many items are sold out immediately. It is only available in spring and summer every year, but this year it is released for the first time as a season spot collection for autumn and winter.

Popular brands such as GRIP SWANY, which is familiar to Go Out readers, and TOYOTOMI, are gathered together, as well as Naver’s original gear is also on display.

Based on the concept of “NEIGHBORHOOD OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT”, there is a bountiful harvest of gear to better enjoy the outdoors this season! The theme color, military-like olives, has a masculine appearance that really helps this collection shine.

Grip Swanny’s flame-retardant wear is made more rugged.

NH.ODE/C-VEST ¥24200

This camping vest with an impactful logo print on the front pocket is a bonfire vest made from Grip Swanny’s original flame-retardant fabric. It is a full-scale specification that can be used as an apron by extending the front part as well as having great storage capacity and durability.

NH.ODE/C-PT ¥28600

The down pants made of flame-retardant material, which is popular among Grip Swanny fans, are also one size larger than the original specifications for a more relaxed silhouette. The logos of both brands printed on the left and right pockets are also a nice point for fans.

Also, bespoke leather gloves, which are essential for bonfires and Dutch oven dishes, will be released.


Don’t miss the bespoke items from popular brands.


A bespoke item with Toyotomi, which is popular among outdoor enthusiasts, is the Faber class, which features a lantern-like shape. The olive green exterior looks like a military style. It is an item that will make you want to get it as a set with a stove-only case originally made by Naver.

NH.ODE/IW-AXE ¥28600

This hatchet, which is suitable for chopping firewood for burning and pruning, is a collaboration with the popular brand “Ballistics” who are well known for their masculine gear. The black color, which is rare for an ax, seems to be the best match for autumn / winter camps where you will definitely want a bonfire. The blade has a special cover made from Cordura specifications, ensuring safety when carrying it.


The carry buggy with a military-like color is as heavy-duty as it looks, boasting a load capacity of 90 kg when stationary and 50 kg when transported. It is also unique that it can be used as a chair with a shade. It is an excellent item that can be folded so that it is thin enough for convenient storage by removing the wheels.

Based around the theme of “HOME OUT DOOR”, which is also intended for home use, this collection combines the specs and looks of being active in both indoors and outdoors. In addition, there are a lot of rugged gears that can decorate your camp site, such as cord reels, gas torches, and covers for fuel canisters.

Each item will be released on November 21, 2020 at NEIGHBORHOOD, HOODS, NEIGHBORHOOD ONLINE STORE and authorized dealers nationwide.