From Monoral, a new bonfire weighing only 100g is now available! The ultimate that combines a triangle x titanium mesh.

3 years ago

It has been about 10 years since the birth of the masterpiece “Wireframe” that revolutionized the bonfire with its light weight and compactness and use of a special heat-resistant cloth for the fire floor that can also be carried in a backpack. The evolution of the bonfire by the outdoor gear brand MONORAL from Japan has not stopped, and finally a new bonfire with an amazing light weight of 100g has been created.

MONORAL「Wireflame Feather」¥19800

The latest Monoral bonfire the “Wireflame Feather” is light enough to forget you even have it, and weighs only 100g. When the evolved version of wireframe “Wireframe LITE” was released in 2018, I was surprised at the lightness of only 650g, and it was wildly thought that this is the limit in terms of weight reduction. However, no the Wireframe Feather has achieved a further weight reduction of 550g.

The key feature of this bonfire is that the tension box structure unique to Monoral has been boldly evolved into a triangle, and titanium mesh has luxuriously been used for the fire floor. Unfold and fix the three folded stainless steel arms. If you scratch the titanium mesh fire bed, you will get a beautiful equilateral triangle shape that looks like a Monoral bonfire should look.

The maximum load capacity is 500g, and it is not possible to cook with the tripod, but it is more than enough to enjoy a pure bonfire with firewood collected locally. Since the ground clearance is as low as 10 cm, it would be best to lay a bonfire sheet when using it at a campsite.

The storage size is 340 mm long and 130 mm wide, which is extremely thin, making it ideal not only for solo camps, but also for bicycle camping trips or even kayaking when you want to squeeze as much luggage as possible into a small space. “Micro camping” is a concept advocated by Monoral, where if you feel like it, you can go out quickly and enjoy camping. The drawback with this approach is only taking a single backpack but with a bonfire this compact it’s no problem.



Deployed size: Width 435 x Depth 370 x Height 165 mm

Fire floor size: Width 300 x Depth 280 mm

Ground clearance: 10 cm

Stored size: Length 340 x Width 130 mm

Weight: 100g (main body), 25g (storage bag)

Material: Frame … Stainless steel, Aluminum alloy / Fire floor … Titanium / Storage bag … Polyethylene

Loading weight: up to 500g