Filson’s latest product which “learns from the past” and is also acclaimed by professional fly fishers.

2 years ago

An American fishing camp embodied by Filson clothing.

FILSON are a long-established outdoor clothing manufacturer in the United States, has a history of more than 100 years since the gold rush era. High-quality woolen items represented by the masterpiece Double Mackinaw Cruiser are simple and sturdy enough to be used by three generations of parents and children.

Their clothing has evolved in terms of comfort and functionality with modern technology While sticking to classic designs and materials, they are not influenced by the times and trends, which gives them a warm old time charm.

The Sugisaka Brothers, who are professional fly fishers who carry on the traditional fishing style but try to bring it to the next generation, will wear and try out Filson’s latest products.

Sugisaka Brothers (Pro Fly Fisher) From left / Brother Tomotaro, Brother Keisuke Brothers are all qualified as US FFI certified fly casting instructors. Based in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture, they run a fly fishing specialty store “WORLD WIDE ANGLERS”. They are also involved in a wide range of fishing facilities, such as the managed fishing ground “Okazaki Trout Pond” and the “Trout Farm” that mainly releases donations. The sunglasses brand “Authentic” is scheduled to start next season. They are also popular on the official YOUTUBE channel “SUGISAKA Brothers”.


Meet at the shop and then off to the fishing camp.

Today, the Sugisaka Brothers are planning to enjoy a one-night, two-day fishing camp. First of all, they gather at their fly shop “Worldwide Anglers”, which is the base, and prepare they’re fishing tackle and gear.

Tomotaro wore a layered down vest and work bib, while Keisuke wore a quilted shirt jacket. They both actually use Filson clothing on a regular basis. For that reason, they can also incorporate new items into their style without any sense of discomfort.

After loading their luggage into the shared car the destination is a campsite with a managed fishing spot in the suburbs. It’s a local spot that both of are familiar with.

By the way, this vehicle is Ford’s 1989 club wagon XLT Econoline. A rod holder is also set on the luggage rack, so your favorite fly rod is always on hand.

They travelled quickly down the forest roads and arrived at the lakeside which is a natural location that doesn’t seem like it is a commercialized fishing spot. Since the surrounding area is a campsite, they decided to create a base immediately.


After building a rugged camp site, get straight to fishing!

The two of them are very used to setting up the car side tarp. The club wagon is comfortable to stay, so they didn’t bring a tent.

Filson’s tough clothing goes great with the outdoors. Although it has a classic design, it has a silhouette that emphasizes ease of movement, so it is great for active outdoor activities like fishing.

The campsite, which also integrates cars, has an old American style with the rugged gear and it also matches Filson’s philosophy.

Once the site is complete and settled, the two will start preparing for fly fishing. Filson’s classic vest is styled ready for fishing.

Tomotaro is wearing a rugged style that combines a quilted jacket with batting and an oil-processed tin game bag. Keisuke puts on the new color model of Mackinaw Cruiser that is layered with an authentic fishing vest on top of it.

Enjoy fly fishing in a classic style.

The fishing pond is a quiet spot surrounded by forests. The colorful autumn leaves are reflected on the surface of the water, creating a fantastic view. This is a great location for the two guys to enjoy a day of relaxing fishing.

Beautiful casting with lines flying in an arc is unique to fly fishing. One of the attractions is that the delicate line handling is directly related to the fishing results.

The vests that they are each wearing are their favorite fishing style. The functionality is indispensable for rugged fishing around the world. 

Tomotaro “The tin game bag is tough because the fabric is oiled cloth. Also, the three-dimensional pockets are excellent, and although it has a large capacity, the contents do not easily fall out even if you move around a lot. It is not for fishing, but I think it is suitable for fishing. I customized it so that I could put a landing net on my back. ”

Keisuke “The Fall Weather Fly Fishing Vest has a classic design, but it’s more functional than it looks. The straps on the armpits fit your body so it doesn’t get in the way even if you move around a lot. Of course, the pocket layout and the size is also made specifically for fly fishing. Moreover, the more you use it, the more texture you get, so you there is a lot of enjoyment to get from the aging.”


After enjoying fishing, chill out under the tarp.

After enjoying Fly Fishing, The guys return to the site and chill out. The appearance of boiling water while relaxing in the living room like setting under the tarp feels just like being an American camper.

The oiled cloth hat that you put on after taking off your vest and wear instead of a cap is also a Filson staple item. Even a small change in accessories can make you feel better and improve your outdoor experience.

Keisuke selected a wool packer hat to match the wool Mackinaw jacket. It is soft to wear and has excellent cold protection, making it ideal for winter outdoors.

Of course, they also brought various other items. The free-sliding jack shirt is a shirt jacket with thick cotton on the outer material and fleece on the lining. The double logger coat has a tough finish with two layers of oiled tin cloth above the chest. Both are useful as light outerwear for winter camps.

Filson has many camping products, including a log carrier with impressive bridle leather reinforced with rugged twill and rivets. An excellent product that can be used not only for carrying firewood but also for carrying PET bottles in bulk.


At night, stay in the large sized club wagon.

After relaxing in the living room under the tarp and enjoying dinner, it was almost dark. Therefore, they arranged the luggage in the car so they can stay overnight. Filson’s blanket is made of high quality Mackinaw wool, so it has excellent heat retention.

The large luggage space of the club wagon, which allows you to set two cots side by side, is a more comfortable living space than a tent. Both of them changed into relaxing wear and were ready to stay in the car. The new pullover hoodie is made of thick cotton and is very comfortable for sleeping in at night.

It is accented with an American back print. The manly design is great for outdoor lovers.


“Of course, Filson’s items are for life!!”

So, the two of them enjoyed their usual fishing camp by incorporating Filson’s latest products. They both admitted that it’s “a brand they already loved”, but that they were able to reconfirm the appeal and charm of Filson’s items throughout the day.

Tomotaro “Filson’s items are simple, but when you actually use them, you will be surprised at their high functionality. Moreover, you can use them with confidence because they will not break even if you handle them roughly. You can use them with your everyday clothes so they are very practical not only for fishing but also for everyday life. Of course, I think I’ll continue to use it Flison products from now on. ”

Keisuke “Since there are many natural materials, it is good that the texture increases as you use it. Oiled cotton items are comfortable without any unpleasant odors. Products made for fly fishing have small fishing tackle and gear. It’s made to be subdivided so it’s very easy to use. I’m aiming for a mackinaw wool jacket and blanket this season. They are items that you can use for the rest of your life. ”


Check out some “Fishing Items” from the Sugisaka Brothers !!

Finally, I would like to introduce Sugisaka Brothers’ favorite “fishing item” set. Does the difference in Filson’s vest choices also show the difference in the individuality of the each of the brothers?

[Tomotaro’s fishing set] 1. Ken Cube landing net, 2. K. Brid rod case, 3. K. Brid rod and reel, 4. Filson lightweight angler cap ¥ 6380, 5. The・ North Face Rainwear, 6. Meihou Flybox, 7. Authentic Sunglasses, 8. Filson Sporting Gloves ¥ 9900, 9. Hydroflask Bottle, 10. Filson Tin Cross Game Bag ¥ 19250, 11. Los Lorient Socks, 12. Red Wing Pecos Boots [Kei Ryo’s Fishing Set] 13. Worldwide Angler Fly Box (Wooden), 14. Saber Sunglasses, 15. Los Lorient Gloves, 16. K. Brid’s Face Mask, 17. Filson Travel Kit ¥ 21450, 18. Sony Digital Camera (α7), 19. Filson Fall Feather Fly Fishing Vest ¥ 42900, 20. Converse All-Star with Goretex, 21. Ken Cube Landing Net, 22. K. Brid’s Rod and Reel 23. Igloo’s Cooler Box 

Tomotaro “I like old clothes for work, so I chose Filson’s tin cross game bag (vest) as an extension. K. Brid’s rod case is a sample scheduled to be released next season. You can carry several fly rods together. It’s a something I have a lot of confidence in!! ”

Keisuke “I like fishing style items with classic and basic designs. That’s why the shoes I wear have always been all-star. I’ve been buying Gore-Tex models in bulk these days. Of course, I also fell in love with Filson’s fly fishing vests.”

Photo/Shouta Kikuchi