Check out the freely customizable bonfire from new brand “Maagz”. Stylish, compact and expandable!

3 years ago

Discover a stylish and compact bonfire that you can customize and expand as you like.

This bonfire is called the “RAPCA” and it’s from the new outdoor brand MAAGZ, created by camp enthusiasts and launched in 2019 in Hachioiji Tokyo, well known for its manufacturing.


This “Rapca” is the first work released by the brand, which started as a collaborative effort from people of various fields such as art, WEB, and architecture.

The key characteristic is the inverted trapezoidal frame design. The height of the tripod can be adjusted in 3 steps, and you can expand and customize it to your own style by setting optional iron plates, gridirons, tripods, etc. in these 3 steps. For example, you can freely use a three-dimensional system kitchen that makes good use of three levels, such as keeping the upper stage warm and baking in the middle and lower levels.

In addition, there is a lineup of unique items such as the “RAPCA stick”, a meat grilling stick with a handle that allows you to grill chunks of meat while rotating it.

Not only that, the frame has holes of various shapes to allow for expansion, so you can freely expand it using commercially available square or flat bars.

The fire grate is large enough to hold standard size firewood of 30cm to 40cm. Since many air holes are set, firewood can be burned efficiently and cooking can be done with a stable heat. Since there are no frames on the front and back, you can easily add firewood even if you have a tripod or a gridiron.

There is also a “windshield set” that includes a set of 4 dedicated windscreens that are useful when you want to burn firewood slowly or when you want to cook with a constant heat.

It weighs about 1.8 kg. Since all the parts consist of a flat surface, the thickness when stored is only 1.3 cm, which is very compact.

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