An iron plate for solo camping from Muraco! A stylish, authentic grill with a thickness of only 3.2 mm.

2 years ago

A powerful new force has emerged in the increasingly competitive iron plate world. “Muraco”, which is popular for its stylish and high-spec gear, has released an iron plate for solo campers. This is a must-see item for solo campers who do not want to compromise on design as well as functionality.

A cool, flat solo camp iron plate


Muraco has just released an iPad-sized iron plate. The thickness is only 3.2mm, but it’s still enough to perfectly cut thickly cut meat. By the way, this is the back side, which is visually stylish and doesn’t look like an iron plate.

This is the main surface. It is a full flat design that is easy to pack, and has grooves to prevent oil spills. You need to wash it well with detergent when you use it for the first time, but you don’t need to season it by frying scrap vegetables.

The attached handle is used by inserting it into the hole in the grill body. As for the fire, you can use a gas stove as shown in the picture, or you can install the fire grill “GRILL MESH” on Muraco’s bonfire “SATELLITE FIRE BASE” which seems to be a great combination.

Comes with a sophisticated sleeve case.

A special sleeve case comes attached, so it’s very smart when stored away. It looks so stylish with the iron finish that it almost feels like a waste to use it!

It is now on sale on Muraco’s official online store. There is a high chance that it will sell out quickly, so if you are interested, check it out immediately.



Size (grill): W247.5 x D177.5 x H3.2mm

Size (handle): W177.5 x D32mm

Weight: 1250g (including case)

Material (grill): Iron (cold rolled steel plate)

Material (handle): 18-8 stainless steel