Freely changeable depending on the combination! A new style bonfire from the up-and-coming brand “Tattam”.

2 years ago

Garage brand Tattam creates unique items using wooden boards, from chairs and tables to hanger racks, bar counters and sheds.

The brand concept of “creating free space and time to spend outdoors and proposing outdoor life with unprecedented ideas” has been continued, and a new lineup “Fire Side Label” using metal materials has started. First up is a bonfire and a solo stove.

“TAKIBI” is a bonfire that can be transformed freely.

Tattam「TAKIBI」Iron  ¥20680/Stainless  ¥33000

Tattam’s “TAKIBI” is a bonfire that is assembled with 6 plates. In addition to using all 6 plates, it is also possible to assemble with 5, 4, or 3 plates. The feature is that the more plates you use, the shallower and more open the bonfire, and the less you use it, the deeper and more closed the shape becomes.

The size is W520 x D450 x H160 mm. The storage is compact because it can be separated into 6 plates, and a special storage bag is also included. There are two types of materials: iron, which ages as you use it, and stainless steel, which does not rust easily. Optional hexagonal and pentagonal bottom plates (¥ 1650 each) are also available to prevent ash spills.

Tattam「TAKIBI mini」Iron ¥14300/Stainless  ¥21340

There is also a “TAKIBI mini” with the same specifications and about half the size (W260 x D225 x H80mm), and there are two types of metal, one that gives a taste the more you use it, and the other that is hard to rust.


“Solo CONRO”, a stove for solo camping.

Tattam「Solo CONRO」Iron ¥26070/ Stainless ¥29700

Tattam’s “Solo CONRO” is an item that can be used as a natural stove that burns twigs, etc., or as a stove with an optional top plate. The size used is W200 x D200 x H210 (255) mm. The storage is compact, so it’s ideal for solo camping.

As with “TAKIBI,” you can choose from two types of material: iron, which ages as you use it, and stainless steel, which does not rust easily.

When used as a stove, the height of the top plate can be adjusted in two steps, and the distance to the fire can be adjusted. The top plate is made of iron only, and there are two types of plates: a plate with slits that removes excess oil, and a stylish plate with the Tattam logo engraved on it.

Tattam「Top Plate for Solo CONRO」Tattam logo type  ¥8800/Slit type  ¥11000

In the winter camp scene where bonfires are most enjoyable, interest in new bonfires is particularly high, so with this bonfire & stove that combine a high degree of freedom and playful design unique to Tattam, It seems like these are products that will really improve the enjoy ability of outdoor bonfires.