Make your regular bonfire more stylish with Muraco’s lightweight and compact tripod!

3 years ago

The tripod has the image of a robust steel frame that is indispensable for bonfires, but Muraco’s “AFRICAN EAGLE TRIPOD” is made of aluminum alloy with black alumite processing. This is a lightweight, compact and also stylish tripod.


The African Eagle is the English name for the crowned eagle, a bird of prey that lives in the African rainforest, and like the African Eagle, which is said to target prey that is more than 10 times its own weight, this tripod is also lightweight at only 620g. Despite its simple design, it can withstand about 12 kg of hanging weight. You can also peg it down with the attached rope to improve stability.

Like a tent pole, the shock cord allows for quick assembly and disassembly, and the compact storage makes it ideal for solo camps and travelling camps.

It cannot be used on a bonfire because the shock cord inside the pole may melt due to heat, but it can be used in various ways, such as a lantern hanger or by hanging a cooker.

Furthermore, by attaching the optional “KAKASHI HANGER” to the head part, it can also be used as a hanger for hanging small items such as lanterns and cookers.

muraco「KAKASHI HANGER」¥2750

The Kakashi Hanger is the same as originally used at a metal processing factory with a quality finish that is typical of Muraco. It is easy to use, for example it has grooves that make it easy to hang small items. It can be divided into two and carried compactly.


Deployed size: W65 x D65 x H120 cm

Storage size: Φ5.5 x 53 cm

Weight: 620g

Material: Frame … A2017 Duralumin / Chain … Stainless Steel 304