The AS2OV is bespoke to garage brand The Arth. A popular table will be reborn with a 60s flavor.

2 years ago

Japanese bag brand AS2OV has made a limited edition collection with the garage brand “The Arth”, which handles unique items such as hexatables.

Currently, the three popular items “Pareko”, “Pare Otoko”, and “Floor Master”, which are so famous that they are out of stock, have been reborn with a 60s taste.

Multi-functional tables “Pare Otoko” and “Pareko”.


First of all are the multifunctional tables “Pare Otoko” and “Pareko”. You can set the stainless steel legs on the side and the top plate to make a low table, and attach a camera tripod to the screw holes on the back of the top plate to make a high table that is easy to use even on rough terrain. Furthermore, it is a versatile item that can be used as a lid for the Pareko 25 and Shellcon 50 for Pareko when stored.

This Pare man and Pareko are custom-made by AS2OV and have a yellowish color similar to American furniture in the 1960s, with a black line that makes them look more distinguished.


There are two versions of the “Floor Master”.

AS2OV×TheArth ”Floor Master” ¥19250

In addition, a pallet made to fit Iwatani’s electricity-free hot plate “Yakiyoshi-san”, the “Floor Master” is also made in an AS2OV version.

There is a stainless steel bar on the side, and you can also use it by setting a Sierra cup or tableside storage.

There are also two versions of this yellow color American style furniture from the 1960s, a black line, and a top plate with an AS2OV plate beautifully embedded, and a version with the UNBY logo on.

It will be on sale at the UNBY General Goods Store from Saturday, December 19th. As it is likely to sell out fast make sure not to miss out!

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