A ground breaking bonfire from an up and coming brand. Although it has a thick steel plate, it is only 1 cm or less when stored!

3 years ago

The garage gear brand “THE IRON FIELD GEAR”, which made its debut in 2019 and became a hot topic due to its “TAKI BE CAN”, where pop colors and modern designs are fused with a reliable construction of craftsmanship. Recently, a wood-burning stove for the garden that doesn’t produce much smoke has been announced as a “bonfire gear to help enjoy cooking at home” and is garnering attention for the brand again.

It is a tough but compact bonfire that uses a thick iron plate and we think it is worth you checking out this season.

S  ¥9900/ L  ¥15070

The Iron Field Gear Bonfire “TAKI BE ITA” is a tough bonfire stand that uses an extremely thick steel plate of 3.2 mm, which is unconventional for a bonfire.

The acronym “TIFG” (the brand name) is on the underside of the main body, and the design inherited from the TAKI BE CAN series is stylishly shown on the sides.

Two types, large and small, are composed of two boards each, for a total of four boards, and assembly is easy by simply incorporating the four parts. It fits in the ash tray that doubles as a storage case, and its compact size is less than 1 cm when stored.

The one in the photo is an S size storage box.

It also comes with a special storage box (thickness is 1.8 cm for both S and L) that stores the thinned body in an ash tray, making it easy to carry.

The triangular parts can also be used as a firewood stand by attaching them to the side. This triangular part is also scheduled to be released with enamel processing, and you can match your favorite color like with the “TAKI BE CAN” series.

In addition, since the tripod is attached, you can enjoy bonfire cooking with a skillet and kettle.

There are two sizes, S, which is ideal for solo camps, and L, which is ideal for family and group camps. The black paint used is not heat-resistant, so it seems that the taste of iron will increase each time it is used leading to a good feeling of aging over time.



Size: S … W195 x H212 x D233mm / L … W273 x H299 x D330mm Storage box size: S … W300 x H280 x D18 mm / L … W430 x H385 x D18 mm

Weight: S … Body 3.4Kg + Tripod set 1.1Kg / L … Body 6.7Kg + Tripod set 1.3Kg

Accessories: Carry bag, tripod, fire grill, pouch for tripod / fire grill

■THE IRON FIELD GEAR https://shop.tifg.jp/