Discover an ultra-compact, waterproof and extra durable LED lantern that feels like a key chain!

2 years ago

LED lights have become a staple item in the outdoor scene lately. In response to technological progress, unique and ground breaking models are appearing one after another from each brand every year, but this time, we have found the smallest most compact one available!

In recent years, the ultra-compact LED lanterns from Korean light maker “JIL Lite”, have boomed in popularity, with a brightness of 80 lumens despite its super compact size, and is also simple to use and waterproof.

Easy to use and durable.

JIL Lite Constel Warm white ¥4620

This is the small LED lantern, Jil Lite’s “Constel Warm white”.

Starting with the size, it is surprisingly compact with a total length of 55mm while the diameter is only 22mm. The weight of the main body is 20g, and even with batteries installed, it is extremely lightweight at only 36g. Not only is it a great match for minimalist solo camping, but also great to use as a flashlight at larger campsites.

The simple structure that includes rotating the cap to turn it on reduces the risk of it not working. The brightness is 80 lumens, and the charge time is 30 hours. The brightness is not adjustable, but its simplicity also seems to contribute to its durability and reliability. There is no compromise in waterproof performance; it is waterproof up to 10m underwater.


An esbiner is attached for easy everyday use.

It comes with an esbiner so it can be easily hung on a tent or tarp. I’m happy that the light weight of about 36g even with batteries is not too heavy to hang on a variety of places. You can hang it on your backpack or you can put it in your pocket as a key chain and you won’t feel any unnecessary weight.

It is lightweight and does not get in the way, so I would like to use it for security and traffic safety on a regular basis, such as when commuting to work or school. The battery used is a “Lithium CR123A”, which is relatively difficult to obtain, but if you make full use of online shopping, there is no need to worry about it, and you can prepare a compatible rechargeable battery separately.

In addition to the black color mentioned above, there are three colors as seen in the photo. It is now on sale at the official online store of the outdoor select shop “Nice Time Mountain Gallery”.



Size: Approximately Φ22 x L55mm

Weight: Approximately 20g (main unit only)

Brightness: 80 lumens (about 30 hours)

Power supply: Lithium CR123A x 1 * Sold separately

Waterproofing: 10m underwater

Material: Aluminum