Check out the new backpack from UL-based garage brand “Cayl”.

3 years ago

The brand “CAYL” has already become a hot topic among highly attuned hikers by exhibiting at the outdoor exhibition “Off the Grid” where UL brands gather together. It is a garage brand that leads the UL hiking scene in South Korea, where mountaineering is a popular hobby. Among the many items that Cayl produce is the ultra light back pack with a simple yet excellent design.

CAYL「BAEKDU 2」¥41800

CAYL is an abbreviation of “Climb As You Love”, a brand that specializes in climbing, trail running, and hiking culture, and has a wide range of clothing, bags, and accessories. Not only lightweight and functional backpacks, but also apparel with a minimalistic and sophisticated design that can be used in the city while using high-performance materials suitable for mountaineering.

Cayl’s “BAEKDU 2” is a 55L class backpack that uses the highly functional material “X-PAC VX07”, which is lightweight and has excellent tear strength and waterproofing.

There are two sizes, SM and ML, according to the back length, and the main components this makes the SM size 40L and the ML size 45L. In addition, it is a backpack suitable for winter and long hikes with a total of 15 L pockets arranged in each part.

In addition, even though it is lighter than 1 kg, it also has a built-in single aluminum frame on the back, which reduces the burden placed on the body while on long trails. The hydration tube can be pulled out from either the left or right, making it extremely easy to use.

The upper front pouch pocket and hip belt can be removed. If you replace it with the attached simple waist belt, you can make it lighter or suitable for town use, so you can customize it according to the situation.

Available in 3 patterns: black, brown, and black mesh. Check it out if you’re looking for a unique backpack.

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