While roasting a side dish, sip on some hot sake. Introducing new charcoal cooking gear that is perfect for winter camps!

3 years ago

Hot sake is perfect for warming up your body during cold winter camps. Introducing a charcoal-fired cooking utensil that can be used to heat sake and at the same time roast a side dish with charcoal.

chibi chibi¥33000/box set ¥44000

The “Chibi chibi” has two burners, one is a cooking utensil that can be used directly over a charcoal fire, and the other is a cooking utensil that can be boiled, cooked, warmed, etc. Its small size makes it perfect for solo or duo camps for us on a table.

Since you can use the two burners at the same time, you can prepare sake and side dishes together, such as grilling yakitori on one side or roasting dried squid and other dried foods, while pouring hot water on the other side to warm sake bottles. Not only just Japanese sake but this is great for making hot wine at the same time.

In addition, when you do not drink hot sake such as during summer, you can warm canned snacks in hot water to maximize it’s usage

This “chibi chibi” was made by Fukuda Shoten (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture), which mainly sells commercial charcoal. With the corona pandemic, the demand for charcoal at restaurants is declining, so they have taken on the challenge of product development in order to develop new needs for charcoal utilization.

The stainless steel used is purchased from a stainless steel manufacturer in Kawasaki City, and the wood used for the base and special case is purchased from an organization that handles thinned wood in Kanagawa Prefecture, making it a product truly born from Kanagawa. It is available at the WEB shop operated by Fukuda Shoten.


Size: length 14 cm x width 32 cm x height 12 cm

Weight: 1.7kg