Toyotomi’s relaxtion lantern is officially on sale! Place it on a table and you can enjoy the shimmering flames.

3 years ago

The relaxation lantern from the oil stove maker “Toyotomi” who are well known to outdoors enthusiasts has finally been commercialized. I mentioned it in this article when it was talked about in crowdfunding, but now that it is officially released, I would like to introduce its charm again.

“Re: ful” that heals the mind with the power of fire.

Re:ful ¥39600

The product newly developed by Toyotomi is called the “Re: ful”. An ornamental lantern with a quietly shimmering flame that helps calm the mind. The crowdfunding held in 2019 gathered good support, and it has now been made available commercially.

There is a dedicated solid fuel unit sold separately so you can install and use in the center of the main body with the glass hood removed. It keeps burning for about 15 minutes by itself, which is just the right burning time to relax and switch off.

You don’t need a lighter or match to ignite the solid fuel. Just touch it as shown in the picture, and the touch sensor will operate and ignite. This is the moment when Toyotomi’s technology and safety cultivated through many years of making kerosene heaters shines through.


It is also possible to add an aroma with an optional tablet.

It’s not just the shimmering flame that encourages relaxation. If you use an optional tablet and aroma oil, you can enjoy a relaxing scent at the same time.

Tablets and aroma oils are sold as a set, and the lineup includes five types such as rosemary and lavender. It’s very easy to use, just soak the tablet in the aroma oil and set it under the solid fuel. The shimmering flames and the floating scent create a special 15 minutes to relax in.


Every little detail counts!

The glass hoods are molded one by one by a skilled crafstmen, and no one is exactly the same. They are made by “Joetsu Crystal Glass,” which boasts a history of about 100 years. The company has more than enough ability and brand power, such as working on the lighting glass for the new Imperial Palace.

The body is cut from wood. Logs of domestic wild cherry blossoms are used. Like the glass hood I mentioned earlier, no two in the world are the same. “Oyama Sawmill” and “Shoei Furniture Center” are cooperating in the manufacture. Both are talented companies that develop original brands, and boast an excellent reputation for quality.



Size: W160 x D160 x H229mm

Mass: Approximately 1.2 kg

Ignition method: Battery ignition (using alkaline batteries AA x 4)

Fuel used: Solid fuel (main component: methanol)

Burning time: about 15 minutes

Safety device: Installation detection (power off when lifting) Accessories: Fire extinguishing lid


They are currently accepting reservations at the Toyotomi official online store (~ 1/31). It will be shipped sequentially from April.