1/2 size is now available for Campooparts tent fireplaces. New functions have been added to improve usability!

3 years ago

The “TENTO Fireplace” of CAMPOO PARTS was released in the spring of 2020. The convenience of not needing a chimney made it a big hit, and it became a hot seller that was sold out and released repeatedly. Now a 1/2 size model has joined the Tento Fireplace lineup.

TENTO Fireplace mini CDM3 ¥66800

The preceding “TENTO Fireplace” was a large gear with a width of 60 x depth of 20 cm and a height of 50 cm, but this “TENTO Fireplace Mini” is half the width at 30 cm. The depth is the same, but the height is limited to 37.5 cm. This makes it easier to use than the large tent, but still feeling familiar. There is no doubt that the number of outdoor hobbyists considering getting this will increase.

The combustion structure is the same as the full size model, and bioethanol is used as the fuel. Since bioethanol emits almost only carbon dioxide and water when burned, it does not require a chimney even when used in a tent. Since heat is not released by the chimney, the heat efficiency is good instead of the thermal power, and the inside of the tent is easy to warm up. The capacity of the fuel is about 1L, and it burns for about 3 hours depending on the weather conditions.

The TENTO Fireplace Mini is equipped with some new features. An insertion port for an igniter, etc. is installed on the side, and the heating power can be adjusted with a lever. By the way, this thermal power adjustment function seems to be installed in the latest full-size model too.

The photo shows the type without the heat-resistant glass. There are variations of this item, such as double-sided glass and one-sided glass, so be sure to check when purchasing.

The TENTO fireplace series makes it easy to enjoy the luxury of watching the fluttering flames in your tent. The new mini model will fit comfortably in an affordable shelter and will make your winter camp more elegant and comfortable.

Now on sale at the official online store. It is expected to be sold out early, so be quick!



Size: W300 x D200 x H375mm

Weight: Approximately 6.4kg

Fuel capacity: Approximately 1L

Material: Steel plate (heat resistant coating)

Accessories: Special case

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