BEAMS x Coleman’s latest collaboration gear is a triple collaboration with a world-class textile designer!

3 years ago

コラボギア人気をけん引してきたBEAMS(ビームス)× Coleman(コールマン)のコラボ。毎年あっと驚く斬新なファブリックが注目を集めているが、2021年はロンドン発の世界的テキスタイルデザイナーELEY KISHIMOTO(イーリー キシモト)とのトリプルコラボレーション。シンプルながらもインパクトのあるデザインで人気となりそうだ。


This is another collaboration between BEAMS and Coleman, which has achieved a lot of popularity over the year. Every year, surprisingly innovative fabrics are attracting attention, but in 2021 the plan is for a triple collaboration with world-famous textile designer ELEY KISHIMOTO from London. The simple yet high-impact design is likely to be very popular.


イーリー キシモトとトリプルコラボ。


Triple collaboration with Eley Kishimoto.

This time, BEAMS chose Eley Kishimoto for a triple collaboration partner, a brand created by Mark Ely from England and Wakako Kishimoto from Hokkaido. In addition to textiles from famous brands such as Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen and Jil Sander, they also collaborate across genres such as furniture and cars.

In this triple collaboration, there are two items in the lineup that incorporate the pattern “FLASH” that represents Eley Kishimoto.

Compact folding chair.

ELEY KISHIMOTO×Coleman×BEAMS「Compact Folding Chair」¥10780

The classic low-style chair “Compact Folding Chair”, which has already been used in a previous collaboration between BEAMS x Coleman, has now features the Flash pattern.

This chair, which has a reputation for being comfortable to sit in while being compact and easy to carry, is ideal not only for camping, but also for using on the balcony or in the living room. Two colors, black and orange, are available.



Use size: W540 x D550 x H610 mm

Storage size: W540 x D85 x H565 mm

Weight: Approximately 2.1kg

Load capacity: Approximately 80 kg


Compact folding bench and table.

Coleman×BEAMS「Family Living Set」¥28600

The “Family Living Set” is a set of benches and tables that complements camping and BBQ dining. Both the table and the bench have a flash pattern on one side, so this is a powerful item that can completely change the atmosphere of the campsite.

Since it is an all-in-one type, it can be stored and carried neatly, so it is especially useful when you want to reduce the amount of luggage as much as possible, or in campsites where it is difficult to carry luggage from the parking lot to the campsite.

The color is black only. Both items are scheduled to go on sale in April, and reservations are being accepted at each BEAMS store and BEAMS official online shop.



Size used: Table W800 x D700 x H650 mm / Bench W780 x D250 x H350 mm

Storage size: W800 x D105 x H355 mm

Weight: Approximately 9.2kg

Load capacity: Table approx. 30 kg / bench approx. 140 kg (70 kg x 2 each)

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