A ground breaking candle-like gas lantern from SOTO. 2WAY specifications that are ideal for trekking.

3 years ago

This is a candle-like gas lantern that has become popular due to its relaxation effect due to its gentle lights and calming flames. The candle-like gas lantern, which is newly introduced this season from the combustion equipment brand SOTO that is particular about manufacturing in Japan, is a unique item with 2WAY specifications that is ideal for trekking as well as camping.


SOTO’s candle-like gas lantern “Hinoto” is a candle-like gas lantern that can be attached to both a dedicated refillable tank and an OD can.

The compact design makes it a cylindrical shape with a diameter of 38 mm when a refillable tank is installed, so it is easy to use even when the table size is small, such as when mountain climbing.

The burning time for the refillable tank is 1 to 2 hours. The burning time is just right for using a refillable tank while cooking with a burner that uses an OD can, and then replacing it with an OD can after cooking.

In addition to lighter gas and CB cans, the dedicated filling tank can be filled with gas from OD cans by using an optional dedicated adapter.

Switching on / off and flame size adjustment can be operated with a single ring. Since it is not equipped with an ignition device, it is necessary to ignite it with a lighter or something similiar.

A lamp cover that is convenient to carry is also included. The release is scheduled for March 2, 2021.



Size: Width 38 x Depth 38 x Height 156 mm

Weight: 222g

Burning time: 1-2 hours in a dedicated filling tank (Varies depending on tank filling status and thermal power)

Container used: SOTO product dedicated container (cylinder) (OD can type)

Material: Aluminum, brass, stainless steel, glass, resin

Accessories: Hoya guard, storage spacer

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