A new two-stage bonfire from a Hokkaido based garage brand!

2 years ago

Hokkaido has produced some unique garage brands such as Tripas Products. Recently we came across another remarkable brand that created a unique bonfire that can be used in two stages!

The garage brand “/ moose / room works” started in 2018 in a room at a condominium in Sapporo, Hokkaido. They are called Room Works because it started in one room rather than in the garage. The new bonfire “FIRE STAND-lantern-Large” developed by Moose Room Works is very unique.

/moose/ room works「FIRE STAND -Lantern- Large」¥33800

The design concept is the red star mark “Miayaboshi”, which is a symbol of the development of Hokkaido and also has the motif of the North Star, and “Toro nagashi” in Nagasaki. A pentagon connecting all the vertices of Miayaboshi is applied to the five sides, and you can enjoy the flickering of fire just like a lantern from the pentagonal window.

The most unique point of this bonfire is the pentagonal dedicated tripod. Since this tripod can rotate 360 degrees, it can be used for cooking by putting a cooker or iron plate on the fire, or it can be used as a simple table away from the bonfire, but there is also another function that other bonfires do not have.

You can combine the compact type “FIRE STAND ~ Lantern ~” (¥ 12800) that has already been released to this tripod. By doing this, it becomes a two-story bonfire.

Of course, you can use the upper and lower tiers to create a tall and dynamic bonfire, and the brand recommends that the bonfire birthed in the lower tier be moved to the upper tier, and the contrast between the two different flames can be enjoyed from the pentagonal window on the side. You can also use firewood and charcoal for cooking properly.

By the way, the size of the bonfire is about 45 cm for the “fire stand-lantern-large” that can hold general firewood as it is, and the conventional type that is placed on top is 26 cm.

At first glance, the bonfire looks complicated, but with a simple structure that can be assembled intuitively, it can be put together in about 30 seconds with 4 simple steps. It can also be made flat when stored.

It will be released on March 1, 2021 (Monday), and will be sold on the official brand online site.



Body size: Maximum opening part: Approx. 45 cm / Depth of input part: Approx. 10 cm / Thickness: 1.6 mm

Storage size: Approximately 43 x 42 x 4.5 cm

Tripod size: Longest part … 27 cm / thickness … 3.2 mm

Weight: Body … approx. 5.3 kg, tripod … approx. 450 g Load capacity: Main body 20 kg, tripod 3 kg

Material: Body … Iron (some stainless steel is used for joints, etc.) / tripod

Iron Accessories: Side panel (connected), fire grill, ash tray, long screw, lock screw, trivet, tripod screw

■moose room works https://moose-room-canvas.stores.jp/