A lightweight model joins YOKA’s popular bonfire series, which lets you enjoy cooking over a real fire!

2 years ago

A lightweight younger brother of the popular YOKA bonfire “COOKING FIRE PIT” that is tough enough to hold a Dutch oven but can be folded thinly and easily carried around has been born.


As mentioned earlier, Yoka’s “Cooking Fire Pit Light” is a lightweight version of Yoka’s popular bonfire “Cooking Fire Pit” where you can enjoy both a bonfire and cooking over it.

Compared to the cooking fire pit, which has a solid weight of 5 kg, the lightweight version of the “Cooking Fire Pit Light” has a body weight of only 1 kg while ensuring the same size. Although the weight is reduced, heavy items such as a Dutch oven cannot be placed on it, but the bonfire can be enjoyed perfectly.

If you use the attached grill, you can cook using two cooking utensils side by side like a double burner, and of course, the grill is divided into two, so if you attach one grill to the bottom of the fire floor, you can also cook in the oven.

By the way, this grill, which looks like a mysterious pattern when it is placed side by side, has a unique mechanism that makes the letters “YOKA” appear when the two are lined up.

The size of the fire bed is almost the same as the cooking fire pit of its larger older big brother. However, since the fire floor is mesh, you can enjoy a unique bonfire feeling. Also, since the sides are open, long firewood can be put in straight, so it is easy to add firewood during cooking.

It comes with a bonfire sheet that it doubles as a storage bag which is a nice touch. The main body consists of 4 parts and is easy to assemble. It is 510 x 280 mm and with a thickness 2cm when placed in a storage bag.

Reservations will be accepted from Saturday, March 6th, and delivery is scheduled for early May.


Size: Width 400 x Depth 230 x Height 295 mm

Weight: Body … approx. 1 kg, 2 grills … approx. 500 g

Material: Body … Stainless steel, Storage bag … Glass fiber + Silicon Accessories: Storage bag and bonfire sheet