Iwatani’s outdoor brand has been renewed, with lots of new pieces of gear with polished designs.

2 years ago

Speaking of Iwatani Corp., “Cassette Marvelous II” is one of Japan’s leading combustion equipment brands, which is popular with fashionable campers. Iwatani Corp.’s outdoor brand “FORE WINDS” has been renewed. New items such as the cassette gas burner, which inherits the design of “Cassette Marvelous II” while feeling more rugged for the outdoors will be available.


The wind-resistant cassette stove “LUXE CAMP STOVE”.


The “LUXE CAMP STOVE” is almost the same as the “Marvelous II” in that it has a double windshield with a top cover and a windshield ring, a wind-resistant design with 282 porous burners, and a design that really shines outdoors.

The top cover features the new brand logo that combines the brand’s initials F with wind and the flames that flutter in the wind.

The black color that is not in the “Marvelous II” lineup and the new Forewinds brand logo enhance the outdoor feeling. They also have a lineup of silver colors and the release is scheduled for March 1st.


Size when used: 380 x 329 x 324 mm

Storage size: 380 x 329 x 110 mm

Weight: Approximately 2.8 kg

Maximum calorific value: 3.5kW (3,000kcal / h)

Continuous burning time: Approximately 70 minutes


The folding cassette stove “FOLDING CAMP STOVE”.


The “FOLDING CAMP STOVE” is a foldable cassette stove in which the burner part is completely stored inside the box-shaped body.

The design makes you feel the functional beauty thanks to the mirror-finished stainless steel that looks great not only outdoors but also at home.

It is also equipped with a heat shield that prevents marking the table and damage caused by radiant heat. Available in two colors, black and silver it is scheduled to be released on March 5th.


Size when used: 317 x 288 x 120 mm

Storage size: 111 x 285 x 114 mm

Weight: Approximately 1.6 kg

Maximum calorific value: 2.2kW (1,900kcal / h)

Continuous burning time: Approximately 120 minutes


The lightweight single burner “MICRO CAMP STOVE”.


The “MICRO CAMP STOVE” is an integrated single burner that is useful for solo camps. Focusing on compactness and lightness, the weight is about 186g, which is 30% lighter than the current model.

It’s also nice to have an EVA case that’s convenient to carry around. It is scheduled for release on March 1st. 


Size when used: 109 x 109 x 122 mm

Storage size: 71 x 57 x 120 mm

Weight: Approximately 186g

Maximum calorific value: 2.3kW (2,000kcal / h)

Continuous burning time: Approximately 120 minutes


The gas lantern “MICRO CAMP LANTERN”.


The “MICRO CAMP LANTERN” is a palm-sized gas lantern. Thanks to the mantle system, a gentle and stable light of 150 lux can illuminate the table. Since the fuel is a CB can, it can be used in common with cassettes, so it is also a nice point that they are relatively easy to get your hands on even if the fuel runs out.

It weighs about 208g and is a compact size. It comes with an EVA case so you can carry it with confidence. The release date is March 1st.



Size when used: 77 x 92 x 133 mm

Storage size: 52 x 65 x 122 mm

Weight: Approximately 208g

Illuminance: 150 lux

Continuous burning time: Approximately 450 minutes