The latest collaboration collection from BEAMS x Coleman contains 5 items unified with an orange detail!

2 years ago

In 2021, a collaboration between BEAMS and Coleman has arrived. BEAMS’ corporate color “orange”, which was lightly used last year, has been fully built upon, making it a light and fun lineup. This is a lineup of affordable gear that seems to be useful for garden camps, picnics, and solo camps.

Exquisite cooler box in 2 sizes.

Coleman×BEAMS cooler box 16QT ¥5060

This is a cooler box with a capacity of about 15L. The perfect size for solo or family day camps, as it holds up to 16 500ml PET bottles. It’s tough to use as the main part of an overnight family camp, but is great as a sub cooler for longer trips, and the bright orange will lend a good accent to any camp site.



Capacity: Approximately 15L

Size: Approx. W39 x D31 x H29 cm

Weight: Approximately 1.8kg

Cooling capacity: Approximately 1 day

Coleman×BEAMS take 6 cooler box ¥3190

The other type is a minimal sized cooler box that you can easily carry with one hand. The convenient size that can hold six 350ml cans is perfect for a minimalist-oriented solo camp or a small picnic. The bright atmosphere created by the bright orange will help to brighten any outdoor excursion.



Capacity: Approximately 4.7L

Size: Approx. W28.5 x D20 x H18 cm

Weight: Approximately 0.8kg


3 items you will want to have ready for BBQ season.

Coleman×BEAMS grill ¥6600

Coleman’s popular grill has been redesigned in bright orange. The cooking surface of about 22.5 x 34.5 cm is ideal for use by a small number of people. Although it is a charcoal type, it can be installed on a table because the bottom surface does not get hot easily. The exquisitely compact size makes it easy to use on your terrace or balcony.



Body size: Approx. W40 x D28 cm x H16.5 cm

Grill surface size: Approximately 22.5 x 34.5 cm

Weight: Approximately 2.5 kg

Coleman×BEAMS CPX®6 LED ¥5720

A ground breaking item that combines a fan and a light where an LED is mounted in the center of the rotating part of the fan. Since it is self-supporting, it can be used on a tabletop, for controlling BBQ smoke and for helping you to stay cool while grilling. If you hang it in the tent, it will become a lantern and circulator, so it seems to have many varied functions. The fan blades are made of EVA material, so it is safe for children to touch.



Brightness: 99 lumens

Power supply used: Single battery x 4 (sold separately)

Size: Approximately Φ25 × 14cm

Weight: Approximately 730g

Coleman×BEAMS gas lighterⅡ ¥1760

This is a simple gas lighter with a carabiner attached. Since it is not disposable but refillable, it can be used regularly for a long time. The bright orange also has the practical advantage of being hard to lose sight of. Of course, it also has a child resistance function.



Size: W23.5 × D4 × H2cm

Weight: Approximately 43g

The above 5 items are currently available for reservation at the official BEAMS online store. They will arrive from late May to late June.

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