Check out the latest range of street inspired storage bags from “Wonton”!

2 years ago

“WONTON” are a new brand by designer Kentaro Fukuda, who made his name as a leader at GOOD’OL, which has been leading style on the streets of Tokyo since its establishment in 2007. Mr. Fukuda, who is also known as a big camping enthusiast, wants to create bags that help to store all the gear needed for a campsite.

1. All-weather knapsack made with Dyneema for the body and rope. ¥ 7700 2. A special case for tent poles. Can store 4 to 5 poles. ¥ 7150 3. A mini pouch that is ideal for storing lanterns. ¥ 3300 4. A special size bag that fits 5 Sierra cups neatly stacked. ¥ 4400 5. Barebones beacon light LED pouch. With Dyneema strap. ¥ 4950 6. Sleeping mat case for Therm-a-Rest Z-LITE. ¥ 6600 7.8.9. A multi-case that is convenient for storing clothes. Available in S, M, and L sizes. S size ¥ 6600, M size ¥ 7700, L size ¥ 8800

The brand, which was inspired by the Chinese food wonton in the sense that it does not make the contents but only the outer skin, develops a variety of translucent bags using the tough, lightweight, and waterproof functional material Dyneema.

It also features a stylish package and that the shipping fee is uniform for all items at ¥ 385 due to the lightweight and compact Dyneema material.

This is a great way to group together the many small items you often use with the right size bag to fit your needs.

If you turn on the light when packing it will be much easier. The barebones pouch can also be hung with a strap.

If you’re a camping gear lover, don’t miss this niche and edgy special bag that wraps the contents up like an outfit instead of just storing them.