The second collaboration Syneema chair between Helinox and F / CE. is now on sale!

2 years ago

F / CE are full of momentum after celebrating their 10 year anniversary in 2020. As part of that anniversary they announced a number of limited collaborations with other famous brands and this season will be no different!

The tag team partner this time is Korea’s largest outdoor Helinox. This time following on from the first collaboration work from spring last year that was very popular, is a novel one leg chair tactical classic chair that utilizes the high performance material Dyneema.

F/CE. Helinox Tactical Chair Dyneema ¥26400

This is a bespoke model that boldly arranges the familiar Helinox tactical chair with the functional material Dyneema. The transparent seating surface and the aluminum frame with good coloring make it a minimalist but playful design.

It utilizes an ultra-thin 1.43oz film-like fabric made by laminating Dyneema fiber with UV curable resin. The seat surface is lightweight but durable. It is also resistant to getting wet and has been updated to higher-tech specifications than the standard model.

It is available in 2 colors, both a solid color scheme with a red frame on the black Dyneema seat, and a pop color with a yellow frame on the white seat. The color variations have very different looks, so it’s a challenge deciding which one to use.

At first glance, it doesn’t look like a typical Helinox product, but F/CE’s imaginative reinterpretation of one of their classics is eye catching. It is currently on sale at ROOT ONLINE STORE and ROOT GARMENTS & GENERAL SUPPLY STORE in Sarugakucho! As with the previous work, this time it is expected to sell out fast, so if you are interested, we recommend getting it immediately!!