The first sleeping bag from sabbatical is based on Nanga’s mountain sleeping bag but is connectable and suitable for camp use.

2 years ago

SABBATICAL is a new outdoor gear brand that debuted in the summer of 2019 and has attracted a lot of attention for its functional yet reasonable tents and shelters. The next new product from Sabbatical is a down sleeping bag.

Nanga’s mountain sleeping bag is rebuilt for camping.

Sabbatical’s first down sleeping bag was jointly developed with NANGA, a long-established down maker that manufactures sleeping bags for mountain use with a focus on Japanese made products. Based on Nanga’s mountain sleeping bag, it has been re-created for comfort when camping. According to the brand it was created by rethinking the size and details from scratch.

They have developed an original cutting pattern that does not interfere with body movement while considering the balance between heat retention and comfort. It is made so that it is easy to turn over and you can lye cross-legged even when you are in a sleeping bag.

In addition, they have also adopted a new size range that the original Nanga’s existing products do not have. In addition to regular (Aurora DX up to 183 cm, down bag STD up to 180 cm), short (up to 165 cm), there is also a “coupler” that can sleep up to two adults or parents and children by connecting two sleeping bags with a zipper.

The color is a natural green color that is easy to style and match with a tent.


Two types, a waterproof, breathable model and a lightweight model.

The lineup of down sleeping bags includes 2 types, the “Aurora DX”, which is a three-dimensional structure design based on Nanga’s classic sleeping bag “Aurora Light”, and the “DOWN BAG STD”, which is made thinner and lighter.

「Sabbatical Aurora DX」
Coupler ¥64680

The Aurora DX uses a material that is waterproof and breathable, and the outer material is a thick 40D, so it is easy to handle even for inexperienced campers. The down used is 760FP Spanish white duck down.

「Sabbatical DOWN BAG STD」
600g(Regular、short)¥39600/Coupler ¥54780

The “Down bag STD” uses supple and lightweight 20D nylon taffeta. Combined with a 650FP Spanish white duck down, it is a lightweight, easy-to-carry, cost-effective sleeping bag.

It will go on sale April 9th at A & F Country stores and at A & F online stores.