A new PC bag from the up-and-coming brand “ONF Add” that can instantly transform into a desk for remote work!

2 years ago

Remote work has become a regular part of many people’s daily lives, whether at home or in a cafe or in the mountains. Innovative items that make this new way of working, wherever you work, more enjoyable and comfortable are essential!

This is a laptop backpack jointly developed by the up-and-coming product brand “ONFAdd” that focuses on minimalism and Panasonic’s young designer group “FUTURE LIFE FACTORY”. It is a unique and innovative item that opens like a drawing board by attaching a special strap so it can become a desk anywhere.

ONFAdd × FUTURE LIFE FACTORY by Panasonic Design

Based on the ONFadd PC bag, the “Inner Desk Pack” was developed with the idea of wearing a desk under a jacket and carrying it around. The design is such that the three sides can be opened wide by pulling the zip so your PC can be opened and operated without removing the PC from the bag. With double-sided pads, it has sufficient cushioning to prevent damage.

By holding the bag sideways and attaching the cushioned strap that comes with it, you can use it as an instant desk like a drawing board, and you can operate your PC while standing without your hands being obstructed.

This unique bag from ONFadd perfectly supports lifestyles that need access to a computer anytime anyplace. In this era when the concept of “going to work” is changing, this is perfect for those that have the freedom to work in any location.

■ONFAdd Store https://onfadd.com/