The latest popular collaboration between Coleman and Freaks Store featuring military style color leisure gear is now available.

2 years ago

The 4th collaboration between “FREAK’S STORE”, which is very popular with camping enthusiasts, and “Coleman”, which celebrated its 120th anniversary, is now available. A olive and orange color scheme like that seen in a military jacket is incorporated into long-established staple camping gear for a fresh look and atmosphere.

Resort chair ¥ 3579

Excursion cooler / 16QT ¥ 4979

Instant visor shade ¥ 14799

The lineup includes chairs, coolers, and shades that are staple items from Coleman, which are easy for beginners to handle. They are updated with “MA-1 style” coloring for a fresh and fashionable atmosphere.

The orange color shines from the military-style olive and has a great impact, and there is no doubt that it will stand out even in fields where the color tends to monotone.

Walker 33 ¥ 8979

Double stainless mug ¥ 1980

In addition to the camping gear, its hard to take your eyes off the large-capacity backpack with a guy rope-like zipper cord on the body colored in black, and the mug with the collaboration limited logo.

Coleman’s items are well known to anyone who loves the outdoors, and this work is also an exclusive to Freaks Store that never fail to impress. It’s a popular collaboration with many fans, so checking early is essential.

■FREAK’S STORE  tel;03-6415-7728