A new lineup of storage cases for camping gear from Kelty!

2 years ago

As each manufacturer announces new outdoor gear one after another, the storage case you use becomes just as important.

The popular bag brand “KELTY” from the United States, have announced the release of their new “CAMPING ACCESSORY LINE” with items that can store various camping gear. The tough design and the olive-coloring gives a strong impression and approach to this fresh new work.

A gear storage case with a rugged olive color that gives off a strong impression.

CUBE TOTE  ¥ 17600/PEG BAG ¥ 11000/3 ZIP POCKET BAG ¥ 11000

This new line has a sophisticated design that is unified in an olive color. All items are made of a cotton-like polyester material called “Polyspan” that is known for his toughness.

The tote type “CUBE TOTE” has four pockets and comes with a mesh net, which has the nice benefit of preventing things from popping out.

The “PEG BAG”, which can store pegs and hammers up to 450 mm as they are, has a wide opening and is easy to put items in and take them out. Hypalon fabric is used on the inside of the bottom, making it extra tough to prevent damage from the pegs.

The “3 ZIP POCKET BAG” is a rugged looking multipurpose bag. It is sure to come in handy while camping because it can be divided into 3 sections inside so you can sort small items.


The “BOX BAG” with thin urethane used for the entire body has excellent cushioning. There is also a slight heat retention function.

The “SINGLE STOVE CASE” is a roll-top type case that can store a single burner and an OD can. It’s nice to be able to store and carry the stove and fuel together.

The “CASSETTE STOVE CASE” can store an entire gas stove. With a pocket that can store a gas stove tripod and a small iron plate.


UTILITY CASE ¥11550/XL ¥10450/L ¥9900/M ¥9350/S

The “BON FIRE STAND CASE” belt, which can be used for bonfires of various sizes, wraps the bonfire and stores it so that you can easily carry even a heavy bonfire.

The “UTILITY CASE” is a multi-case with outstanding ease of use. The inside of both ends is reinforced with Hypalon fabric, so there is no need to worry about tearing. There are 4 sizes available, and you can choose according to your own gear needs.


There are many other exciting new items that you will want to take camping.



In addition to the storage cases, convenient items that you will want to use when camping are also now available.

The “FUROSHIKI BAG” is a 78 x 128 cm envelope-type large-capacity bag. If you fully open the fasteners on the three sides, you will have a single mat. Its storage capacity and freedom of use are far from ordinary! They also have a lineup of place mats and aprons in colorful shades available.


Design and functionality that is so much more than just a storage case.

Not only is it possible to store and carry gear, but the design and functions are carefully thought out for actual use and use ideas and technologies that can only be achieved by a global bag brand. Get your hands on of the new storage bags from Kelty’s “CAMPING ACCESSORY LINE” now!