Gordon Miller’s popular car item series has been expanded! Many different storage items that use cordura!

3 years ago

A new lineup of popular car interior series from GORDON MILLER, a brand that pursues an improved vehicular lifestyle!

Following the popular car seat cover released in January, their 2nd collection with expanded items using the robust cordura material is now available.

The items, which use a special cordura material developed specifically for the collection, is based on the original 305 denier ox and boasts a two-layer structure with a PVC coating on the lining, achieving outstanding durability and water resistance to be appropriate for outdoor activities. This is a lineup that helps make life with your favorite car more comfortable and enjoyable. Check out the gallery at the bottom of the article for actual installation and usage examples!


Various pockets useful for storing small items

The pocket that can be attached to the sun visor is convenient for storing sunglasses and cards! CORDURA SUNVISOR POCKET ¥ 1980

This is used by sticking it on the wall inside the car or next to the seat. There is also a waving tape that is convenient for putting peg hammers and tools in! CORDURA SIDE POCKET ¥ 1890

Attach it to the back of the seat to increase storage capacity! In addition to A4 size storage space, mesh and three-dimensional (for tissue) pockets are all-in-one. By all means it is always great as a wall pocket while camping. CORDURA SEAT BACK POCKET ¥ 3480


Stylishly stores things you regularly use.

Make even your car tissue box fashionable! A headrest case that can be hung in either the vertical or horizontal direction. CORDURA TISSUE BOX CASE ¥ 1980

If you bring an umbrella into the car on a rainy day, the seats and floor tend to get soaked, but there is no problem if you have a special cover! A front pocket for a folding umbrella is also available. CORDURA UMBRELLA CASE ¥ 1890


Also useful in the camping scene!

A hanging chain that uses an assist grip. Not only can you hang your luggage in the car, but you can also use it in a living room under the tarp using a carabiner or hook! HANGING STRAP ¥ 1980

Since the bottom is a hook-and-loop fastener, there is no need to worry about it falling over. Affordable trash cans always come in handy for campsites and solo camps. CORDURA DUSTBOX ¥ 1980

As mentioned above, there are 7 kinds of new items in the 2nd collection based on cordura materials. The lineup includes four colors: coyote, olive drab, black, and dark gray, which take advantage of the unique color gradation of the material.

Keep an eye on Gordon Mirror’s interior goods, which are both practical and stylish!

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