The Oregonian Camper’s popular, voluminous and robust hard cooler now has improved cooling power!

2 years ago

The previously sold out hard cooler from “Oregonian Camper” is now re-appearing after a renewal this year. The brand’s first cooler introduced in Go Out in 2019 has been reborn with improved cold insulation.

New shape & improved cold insulation performance.

HYAD27R ¥19800

The Oregonian hard cooler was first released in the spring of 2019 and sold out almost immediately. It will be reborn with a new mold this year. Available in 2 sizes, this is 27QT (about 25.5L). In addition to the Leaf in the photo, there are three colors available, Kawasemi and Cappuccino.

The 27QT size has an increased thickness of the lid and bottom, improving cold insulation performance. In addition, the sealing material has also been changed to silicone rubber, improving air-tightness and durability. A powerful “HYAD” logo is placed inside the lid. It is the same as before the re-release that the partition plate (cut board) and basket are attached inside.

The handle is made of EVA material, which is easy to hold, and was also used for original the model before the renewal. However, the re-release has made this handle removable.



Size: Approx. W48 x D37.5 x H36.5cm

Weight: Approximately 5.5 kg

Capacity: 27QT / approx. 25.5L

Accessories: Basket, divider


The 45L size has a drink rest.

HYAD COOLER 47R ¥29700

This is a 47QT (about 44.5L) size that is suitable for groups and families. This was also renewed with a new mold. The color is the same as the 27QT size, and the one in the photo is the Kawasemi color.

The seal material has been changed to silicone rubber, which is the same as the 27QT size. The air-tightness is improved and the cooling power is boosted. The logo is engraved on the inside of the lid, which is the same as the 27QT. By the way, this logo is also placed on the bottom of the main unit.

For the 47QT size, two drink rests are installed on the upper surface of the lid. It’s common to use a hard cooler as a small table, but this functionality makes it much more convenient.



Size: Approx. W66.5 x D38.3 x H41 cm

Weight: Approximately 10 kg

Capacity: 47QT / approx. 45.5L

Accessories: Basket, divider


A cooler bag that goes inside the cooler is also available.


Here is the new item idea the “Cooler in Cooler” by The Oregonian Camper. This soft 2 size cooler can be used alone, but it fits perfectly within the hard cooler mentioned above.

The Cooler Pack 8 fits perfectly in the Hyad 27R. The number of times the hard cooler is opened and closed tends to increase due to the removal of drinks. Each time, the cold air escapes to the outside, but with the cooler in cooler, the ingredients inside are double protected.

The cooler pack 18 fits perfectly in the Hyad Cooler 47R. The ability to help further protect the freshness and chilled temperature of your stored food and beverages is a must!

As mentioned above, the four new products can be purchased on the official website of The Oregonian Camper. The Cooler Pack 2 size is already on sale, and hard coolers should be soon so check it frequently to make sure you don’t miss out.

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