Kermit’s backpack chair! CWF’s innovative custom kit is perfect for camping at festivals!

2 years ago

The brand CWF (C Double F) from Fukushima creates unique and functional bags that help support daily life style from outdoor to town use.

Innovative products have arrived again from the brand, which produces original bags that are both practical and playful, such as pet bags that are a must-see for dog and cat owners and shelf containers that can be carried like a backpack! This season is a brand new design that allows you to carry a new Kermit chair just like a backpack.

CWF backpack kit ¥14960

This is a CWF original kit that replaces the seating surface of the Kermit chair, which has become a staple item in the camping scene.

Speaking of Kermit chair replacement kits, they are sold by many garage brands, but this one from CWF has a slightly different coat color thanks to their history as a bag brand.

As the name suggests, this is a replacement kit that makes the Kermit chair into a backpack. With a shoulder strap on the seat and a large storage pocket on the back, the idea is that you can carry your luggage on your back as a backpack.

It’s a classic style with a bare wooden frame like a traditional mountaineering frame backpack, but with cushioned pads on the seat and back. It may be tiring to carry for a long time, but for a picnic or moving around an outdoor festival it is the perfect size and weight.

In addition, the storage pocket on the back has a capacity of about 10 L, and daisy chains are provided on the top and bottom of the pocket, so it is possible to store and attach gears externally using a carabiner or the like. This is perfect for use at a festival and if you are a minimalist you could ever use it for one nights camping.

The appeal of this seat is not only its portability, but of course it is also comfortable to sit on! Since the seat and back are designed to be connected, it feels like it wraps around you, and it seems to provide support for the lower back, making it more comfortable than the conventional model.

In addition, as mentioned earlier, the padding on the seat and back improves cushioning, and it also acts as a heat insulating material, so it has the advantage of being slightly warm even during cold seasons.

In addition, the shoulder strap can be stored in the pocket under the seat by releasing the buckle, and you can easily convert it into backpack mode or chair mode just by adjusting the length of the strap without storing it.

It is available in two colors, olive and black. Both are chic and have coloring that is easy to match with any campsite.

During the summer season camping and festivals are far more common, so for both Kermit enthusiasts as well as those who are thinking about purchasing in the future, why not consider customizing it with this unique backpack kit.

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