A wooden table made by a craftsman bag brand featuring a native pattern.

1 year ago

From the handmade bag brand RUGGED BAG COMPANY, which continues to make functional and tough tote bags, a wood table that incorporates the same commitment to bag making into furniture has appeared.


Rugged Bag Company’s “NOMAD” is a low table that incorporates the unique texture of handmade wood, with the concept that it can be used indoors or outdoors such as when camping, as its name suggests. It is 85cm wide and just the right size for a sofa for 2 to 3 people. The height is 40 cm, which is just right for low-style camping.

Rugged Bag Company’s tote bags are handmade by craftsmen who are particular about genuine materials that age as they are used, and are characterized by using carefully selected leather and brass whose texture changes over time.

This table “Nomad” also uses natural woo and brass materials that embody the brand concept. The top plate features a wooden mosaic with a native pattern (Ortega pattern), which is also used on the tote bags from Rugged Bag Company.

The dark-colored wooden mosaic pieces are not painted but charred to maximize the texture of the material. The excellent craftsmanship is apparent in many areas, such as the edges of the top plate are rounded to soften it, and the corners are chamfered to delicately finish it, conscious of using it comfortably every day like a bag. Of course it is also made domestically made in Japan.



Size: W850 x D495 x H400mm

Weight: 9kg

■Rugged company https://www.rugged-bag.com/