The new mosquito coil holder designed by Peregrine is like a piece of art. Innovative collaboration work born from a skateboard deck.

2 years ago

As the days go by, it has become humid and summery, and one of the most indispensable items for summer in Japan is a mosquito coil.

A unique scent that is different from incense, white smoke that flows into a swirling form. All of these components are unexpectedly fashionable, and make you feel like it’s the arrival of summer, and now a new mosquito coil holder that amplifies the impression of a mosquito coil is now here.

Mosquito coil holder ¥12980

The companies behind this are “Peregrine Design”, a garage outdoor brand from Tokyo, and “Ten artworks”, which handles interiors. The mosquito coil holder, which was created through a collaboration between these two craftsman brands that specialize in making furniture for woodwork, looks like it could be called a piece of art.

At first glance, it looks like a traditional braided woodwork, which is made by pasting used skateboard decks collected from skaters from both companies, cutting them out and processing them into a plate shape.

Each piece is hand-cut and shaped from a block of wood made by stacking skateboard decks, and considering the labor intensive nature of such a process, it feels expensive and luxurious as a mosquito coil holder.

A carabiner hook is attached to the plate, and it is a specific design that holds the mosquito coil in place by sandwiching it with bolts.

In addition to being able to be placed and used, it is a 2-way specification that can be used by hanging it with a carabiner at the tip, so it is a nice point that you can use it anywhere at home or outside. It is also excellent that the plate id the right size to also function as a lid for a 30-roll mosquito coil. (* The above photo is a sample product, so it is one size smaller)

With such a high-quality and good-looking finish that doesn’t seem out of place as part of interior design, you will want to burn a mosquito coil all summer long.

Due to the current global crisis which means you spend more time at home, you may want to inspire yourself with a cool item to help enjoy the summer time even at home.

■Peregrine Design Factory tel:03-6712-2821