Nanga’s collaboration gear is always one to watch! Bold updates to classic items from brands such as Stanley and Milestone!

2 years ago

As a leading down company that creates gear such as sleeping bags, “NANGA”, has a long established history of quality and expertise. They release items that can be used for camping and mountain climbing just in time for the camping season.

Every year they produce limited items in collaboration with a number of popular brands specializing in many different genres, including the popular “STANLEY”.

NANGA×STANLEY Stacking Vacuum Pint ¥4400

The popular product “Stacking Vacuum Pint” released during the previous collaboration of both brands is re-appearing this year. It is easy to keep the temperature and prevents dew condensation, so it will be useful for a long time both indoors and outdoors. In addition, the design and coloring that are synonymous with Nanga creates a “limited edition feeling” that is likely to draw many fans.


Based on Milestone’s “MS-A4”, this is a special model with a belt made by Nanga. Lightweight and compact, it is easy to carry for a wide range of activities. It’s easy on the eyes, so you can wear it in places where there are people watching with confidence.


Next are all black simple and rugged trunk pants. The three-dimensional design of the front internal pocket suppresses stuffiness and chaffing, making it great for exercise and making it suitable for men who like to be active outdoors.


“Mr. Hiroaki Ushioda”, creates art that overflows with playfulness, and this time he uses illustrations depicting Nanga’s sleeping bag and camping scene as stickers. These are recommended for those who want to customize your favorite items to an outdoor style.

In addition, they have a lineup of items that are great to have as many of as possible, such as Stanley collaboration mugs and Nanga original Sierra cups. These limited collaboration items are expected to be sold out immediately, so checking for stock early is a must!

■NANGA tel:03-6384-5988