Avoid accidents at the tent site with Muraco’s new peg marker cone!

2 years ago

Most people have had the experience of getting caught in a tent or tarp rope in the dark and almost falling while camping. While helping to prevent such accidents, Muraco are also introducing unique items that will be useful in coordinating tent sites.

muraco「PEG MARKER CONE」¥2900

Muraco’s “PEG MARKER CONE” is a convenient item with a stylish silhouette that looks like a cone used for practicing sports such as soccer changed into a triangle.

Visibility is improved by putting a guy rope through the hole in the main body and covering it with the peg. This way it is possible to reduce the chance of catching on the rope and tripping over the peg.

The height is low and the shape is hard to trip on, and flexible polyethylene resin is used as the material so that it will not break even if you do step on it.

It is especially useful as an extra safety measure to reduce accidents at family camps with small children and banquets where groups gather. It also seems to help prevent you from forgetting to collect and pull out pegs, which is often the case when packing up a campsite.

They can be stacked when stored, so they do not take up much space. A strap that can allow them to be bundled and carried is also included.

The peg marker cone will be available on May 14th at Muraco’s official online shop.



Size: W190 x D190 x H75mm

Weight: 35g per piece