Snow Peak’s new lodge-type shelter is large enough for multi-person camps!

2 years ago

With the coming of summer, the number of opportunities to camp with a large number of people will increase. Many campers will be planning joint camps with multiple families. Therefore, I would like you to consider the super-large lodge-type shelter released by Snow Peak. The vast space with a total length of 8.6 m allows adults and children of 2 to 3 families to relax and spend time together in comfort.

One of the largest lodge-type shelters in Snow Peak’s history.


The biggest selling point of this new shelter is the vast living space. The largest lodge-type shelter in Snow Peak’s history has a total length of 8.6m, a width of 5.2m, and a total height of 2.4m, so even multiple families can spend time relaxing together in comfort.

An inner tent that can sleep 5 people is attached, and even if you install it, the community living space for multiple families remains

Summer camps are often hit by rain, and the plateaus tend to be at the mercy of changing weather, but you can enjoy chill time in the living room without any problems, even during sudden downpours.


Spacious structure with sub poles protruding outward.

The setup uses three main poles and sub poles. The photo shows the main pole that supports the top of the lodge. Boasting a total height of 2.4m, adults can move comfortably in the room while standing.

It is the angle of the sub pole that creates the eye catching form. By protruding outwards, the lodge type shelter, which already has reduced dead space as much as possible, has become more spacious. Also, since it is set up with tension applied with a rope, the advantage of its strength against the wind cannot be overlooked.

It’s easy to be fascinated by the size, but I also want to pay attention to the feeling of openness. The front and rear doorways can be selected from three types: fully closed, half open, and fully open, and the sides are evenly meshed. This mesh wall can also be rolled up, so you can create a wonderful sense of openness.

The inner tent is also large, 4.4m wide, 2.5m deep and 2.1m high. Five adults can sleep comfortably. It would be interesting to build a tatami room style here.



Setup size: W520 x D860 x H240 cm

Storage size: Main body W82 x D31 x H34 cm (main body), W77 x D21 x H24 cm (inner room)

Weight: 29.5kg

Fly water pressure resistance: 2,000 mm

Bottom water pressure resistance: 1,800 mm

The Granberg L is now on sale on Snow Peak’s official website. By the way, there is also a lineup of M size shelters, which are one size smaller, which is large enough for one family to relax in comfort.

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