An exquisite container that Nanga co-created with the new gear brand “Jaguy”!

2 years ago

NANGA, are a leading maker of down products. In addition to down items, their apparel lines are also gaining popularity these days, and they are actively developing collaborations with various brands that are attracting attention.

Nanga chose the gear brand “JAGUY” as their latest partner. They are an up-and-coming brand that started in 2020 with the motto “Let’s enjoy nature!” The functionally beautiful multi-gear container unique to both parties that they have created is excellent!

L(68L) ¥13200/M  ¥11000(48L)/S ¥6600(10L)

This soft container with a flashy pattern is eye-catching. For the design, they adopted “Iikamo”, which develops camouflage with motifs of animals, nature, bonfires, tents, sleeping bags, etc. reminiscent of Mt. Ibuki, Lake Biwa, or the camping scene, which is related to Nanga’s head office in Shiga Prefecture. It is finished in a unique color arranged like a camouflage pattern.

If you use a partition plate, you can organize your luggage as you put it in. On the contrary, if you remove the partition plate, you can store larger items.

It is also fully functional so you gear can be stored without damaging anything thanks to the full protection pad, and you can also store seasonings, mugs, and lanterns by adjusting the internal removable partition plate.

The soft body makes it easy to crush flat after use.

In addition, the inside of the upper lid has a mesh pocket that can store cutlery sets and mantles for replacing lanterns, and the bottom is made of a durable tarpaulin material that is easy to clean even if it gets dirty, and a daisy chain is installed at key points. It is possible to hang a Sierra cup etc. and is filled with other convenient features.


In addition to containers, they also have a lineup of cases that can store the must-have Sierra cups for camping. It can hold about 5 Sierra cups of 300 ml to 400 ml in a stacked state, and it has a mesh pocket inside the upper lid, so that you can carry tea packs and stick coffee.

As with the container, there are three colors available: navy, brown, and orange.

This is a collaboration gear that focuses on effectively storing items that are surprisingly indispensable for camping, and has both a full range of functions and a design that looks great at the camp site. Don’t miss the exquisite items packed with the experience and know-how of two outdoor masters!

As of 5/22 (Sat), it is available for pre-order on the Nanga official website.

■NANGA tel:03-6384-5988