The Oregonian Camper continues to produce storage gear that can scratch any itch. Now they are releasing paper holders and trays!

2 years ago

One of the strengths of “Oregonian Camper”, who continue to produce convenient storage gear, is that their products have a real sense of use in everyday life. Now Oregonian will release a paper holder and a kitchen tray for the first time.

A paper holder with a solid core.


First up is the paper holder. Toilet paper can be stored and pulled out in this state. It is also compatible with American size bath tissue (toilet paper that can be purchased at Costco). The background of the photo is white, so it may be difficult to understand, but the paper is pulled out from the lower right of the front.

A center pole is installed inside, making it easy to pull out the paper and use it up smoothly until the end. Webbing is applied to the outside, so you can hang it anywhere you like with a carabiner.

In addition to the Black Camo in the photo, Wolf Brown is also available in the lineup. For Wolf Brown, check out the image gallery at the end of the article.



Material: TP-700 Polyester

Size: Φ15 × 17cm


A stackable tray with moderate thickness.


Next is an exquisite tray with a height of 10 cm on the side, which is easy to use around a tent site kitchen. You can see what is stored at a glance from the top, and it is easy to take out what you need. The handle on the side makes it easy to carry, and it can also be used as a tray when distributing food and drinks to friends.

The material is polyester, but it can be stacked because it has been hardened. The length of 33cm is also exquisite, and it goes well with many outdoor shelves. It is available in two colors, similar to the bath tissue holder mentioned above.



Material: TP-700 Polyester

Size: W33 x D25.5 x H10cm


Both are sold on The Oregonian Camper official website. Bath tissue holders are already available for purchase, but camping trays are still waiting for release.

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