Discovering a brand new cooking bonfire that lets you grill meat that looks just as good as in the comics!

2 years ago

The so-called “manga meat” is a large chunk of meat often seen in Japanese comics that is roasted vigorously while spinning over a fire. Although once only seen in the world of manga and games, when it comes to actually trying it, its not the easiest but now we have discovered a new item that helps make this dream a reality.

MAAGZ「RAPCA stick」¥17600

The “Rapca Stick” is a meat roasting stick for grilling large pieces of meat such as whole chickens and large chunks of steak on skewers. By setting it over a bonfire and rotating the offset wooden handle, you can evenly cook the food from all directions.

MAAGZ is a brand produced by creators who have gathered in a creative space in an old renovated house in Hachioji. They are a new brand that has released unique items such as the new bonfire “RAPCA”.

Since it uses an extra-thick stainless steel rod with a diameter of 8 mm, you do not have to worry about it bending even if it is burdened with large and heavy ingredients such as roast chicken, roast beef, and large fish.

It is often necessary to slowly cook large meat over a large fire, but by using the attached dedicated stand, you can keep a distance from the fire bed and adjust the heat. By using this stand, you can also use it with a bonfire other than the Rapca.

The dedicated stand is foldable and the storage size is very compact. It can be safely carried by storing it in a special case together with the Rapca stick.

The Rapca stick is perfect for groups and family camps, and will help you to make your grilled meat fantasies come to life!