Lanterns, flashlights, and 2-way LED lights “MINIMA Light” are gaining popularity!

2 years ago

Small LED lanterns that can be hung around your neck are a fierce battleground in the outdoor industry. One of the recent hits is “MINIMA Light”. Reasonable in size, with a stylish design, and reasonable price!

It can be used freely with a 2WAY specification.

MINIMALight ¥2860

It is available in two colors, BLACK TRIBAL and OLIVE PAISLEY. As the name suggests, the black one has a tribal pattern and the olive one has a paisley pattern. With a diameter of 26.5 mm and a total length of 123 mm, it is a really reasonable size for a small LED lantern. It also has a lot of other functions.

In the centre there is a light emitting part that illuminates 360°. This serves as a lantern that illuminates the surroundings. The color warmth can be selected from warm white and light bulb color, and the brightness can be adjusted in 2 steps. The maximum amount of light produced is 200 lumens.

It’s super lightweight, at about 107g, so it’s not a burden to hang it from your neck using a carabiner. At the same time as illuminating your feet, it also helps make you visible to others so it can be used not only for camping but also for safety.

A white light is mounted on the tip of the body so it can also be used as a handy light. The brightness is 250 lumens and the irradiation distance is 100m which is ample.


It’s small but also has a power supply function.

The built-in battery, which is fully charged in about 3 hours, has a capacity of 2500mAh. Both the lantern and the handy light can be lit in “strong” mode for about 6 hours or 10 hours in “weak” mode.

It also has a function to supply power to gadgets such as smartphones. The capacity of the battery is just a preparation for emergencies, but with or without it is a big difference. There may be many useful situations for it not only outdoors but also in the event of a disaster.



Size: W26.5 x D26.5 x H123mm

Weight: Approximately 107g

Material: Aluminum (anodized)

Waterproof level: IPX4


It can be purchased from the official brand website. It was sold out for a while due to its popularity, but it has recently been restocked. Make sure you get it before it sells out again.

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