Tripod? Bonfire? The new project from Campooparts is a unique piece of gear for solo campers.

2 years ago

“CAMPOOPARTS” has released a new unique solo bonfire. It is a highly evolved design called the “Martian” and it is a compact but easy-to-cook bonfire.

A4 size that is easy to carry.

A4 solo bonfire Kayak ¥14800

Campooparts’ fire stand called the “Martian” is a unique item that stands independently in a bonfire. This item has evolved into a bonfire with a fire bed. It is an easy-to-carry A4 size and is intended for use during kayak touring and solo camping.

The legs are made of iron, and the fire floor is made of stainless steel with a thickness of 0.6 mm. It can be stored flat when disassembled (includes a dedicated storage bag).

With small parts sandwiched between two legs, there are two places to use on the tripod when assembling. If you look back at the previous photo, you can see the sub-trivets on the far right. It is a compact bonfire consisting of only the two trivets.


Pick up driftwood and twigs for fuel.

Campooparts have designed this to be used in places where you can not bring firewood, so the fire bed is a size that makes it easy to pick up driftwood and twigs and use it as fuel. The brand logo is adorned on the fire floor, which not only makes it fashionable, but also contributes to improving combustion efficiency.

The strong iron legs provide a sense of stability. Since the legs become large tripods at the same time, it is possible to cook comfortably without preparing another tripod, even though it is a compact bonfire.



Assembled size: Approximately 300 x 215 mm

Material: Iron (leg), Stainless steel (fire bed)

Weight: Approximately 830g

* Storage bag included


It is now on sale on the official website of Campooparts. It is a multi purpose gear because it preserves the fire bed and can be used as a trivet for other bonfires and open flames.