An innovative folding table from Nature Tones that expands more than three times when unfolded.

2 years ago

NATURE TONES is a garage brand from Fukui prefecture that is popular for its rugged and stylish outdoor furniture that combines wood with a special resin coating.

They are well known for items with unique gimmicks such as a storage box that transforms into an outdoor rack, and we think you should pay extra attention to the new folding table from Nature Tones.

NATURE TONES「THE BEYO-ND TABLE」S   ¥8580/M   ¥13860/L   ¥17380

“THE BEYO-ND TABLE” by Nature Tones is a folding table that can be easily carried in a thin and compact storage size.

It is an integrated design that does not require any assembly of parts, and the deployment can be completed in a few seconds just by unfolding the compacted plate-shaped legs and top plate. The key feature is that the top plate are is more than three times the size of its folded state.

Available in 3 sizes: S, M, and L. The S size is easy to store in a backpack, so it’s perfect for mountaineering and backpacking solo camps. M size is just the right size for solo camps.

The left is the M size (605 x 400 x H180 mm), and the right is the S size (400 x 280 x H110 mm).

The largest L size can be used comfortably even if you put cooking utensils, glasses, cutlery, etc. for a number of people, so it is ideal for duos and family camps.

L Size(785×520×H220mm)。



Expanded size: S … 400 x 280 x H110 mm / M … 605 x 400 x H180 mm / L … 785 x 520 x H220 mm

Stored size: S … 125 x 280 x H40 mm / M … 185 x 400 x H45 mm / L … 230 x 520 x H45 mm

Weight: S … Approximately 780g / M … Approximately 2.6kg / L … Approximately 3.9kg

Material: SPC material