The latest collaboration between Snow Peak and Wind and Sea is full of beautifully designed functional apparel and gear.

2 years ago

The apparel brand WIND AND SEA, which has been collaborating with well-known brands and making noise in the outdoor fashion scene, has announced another hot collaboration project this season! The other party is Snow Peak, which pioneers the outdoor scene in Japan.

This is the second collaboration, there are a lot of apparel items and double name gears that are highly functional and feature minute details.

The apparel lineup consists of three types: T-shirts, long sleeves, and shorts. While maintaining the soft texture of cotton, it uses polyester-based quick-drying threads and uses an original mixed fabric with cotton that has been subjected to natural antibacterial and deodorant processing, and has functional specifications that can be worn comfortably even in summer.

In addition, it is also useful outdoors to ensure visibility at night by using reflectors for all prints.

And, as the first camping gear in this collaboration, they have a lineup of collaboration models with the Wind and Sea brand name on popular Snow Peak items such as cutting boards & kitchen knives sets, vacuum mugs, sake barrels, ingots, and skittles. Vacuum mugs, liquor tubes, ingots, and skittles are functional items with excellent heat insulation that are made of titanium with a two-layer structure that has low thermal conductivity.

This is a collaborative collection that combines the best features of Snow Peak with the fashionability of Wind and Sea. If want to enjoy spending time outdoors this summer, you’ll want to upgrade fashionably with these items.

The collection is scheduled to be released at the WIND AND SEA official online store from Saturday, July 3, 2021.


[Snow peak x WIND AND SEA]

Co / Pe Dry S / S Tshirt ¥ 15400, Co / Pe Dry L / S Tshirt ¥ 19800, Co / Pe Dry Shorts ¥ 19800, Snowpeak Manita Set ¥ 13200, Snowpeak Vacuum Mug ¥ 5500, Snowpeak Sake Bottle ¥ 24200, Snowpeak Inoguchi 4 ¥ 7150, Snowpeak Skittle ¥ 22000