Tripath Products new bonfire is even bigger! The beauty of the modeling also pushes the limits of processing technology.

2 years ago

The TRIPATH PRODUCTS bonfire stand “GURU GURU FIRE”, which turns into an artistic form reminiscent of deer horns by assembling a flat plate, has now been released in its largest ever version!


The “Guru Guru Fire (L)” is the largest bonfire in the series, which is about 1.25 times the size of the regular M size. Since more firewood can be thrown in than ever before, the firepower is increased and a larger number of people can enjoy the fun of the bonfire.

In addition, as the size is increased, the height of the legs and the ash tray has been changed, so damage to the ground such as the lawn or grass can be reduced.

Furthermore, the organic patterns formed on the horn, ring, and ash tray really catch the eye. With an elaborate design that pushes the limits of processing technology, it is a model suitable for the title of the greatest Guru Guru Fire yet.

In addition, the upper lid, which was used as a firewood holder in previous models, has been upgraded so that it can be used as a side table.

Of course, Tripath, who are particular about functional beauty, have equipped it with a tripod, not just a side table, and it is possible to place hot cooking utensils such as a Dutch oven on it. Furthermore, the OD can fits perfectly in the tripod part in the center of the side table.

The “Guru Guru Fire (L)” is scheduled to be released on Thursday, July 15, 2021.



Assembled size: width 510 x depth 510 x height 845 mm

Stored size: Width 438 x Depth 431 x Thickness 48 mm

Body weight: 10kg

Material: Black-skinned iron plate

Main part load capacity: 10kg

Side table load capacity: 10kg

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