Introducing the fashionable and innovative aroma diffuser “Lei” that lets you enjoy the scent and fire at the same time.

2 months ago

From “Antby Co., Ltd.”, which develops outdoor items such as wine cellars and other household appliances, as well as self-powered stove fans, a new ground breaking aroma diffuser called “Lei” that does not use electricity has appeared. By using this diffuser you can enjoy pleasing scents outdoors and at home.

Lei ¥24900

“Lei” is a new aroma diffuser that allows you to enjoy the shimmer and scent of fire at the same time as the aroma, regardless of location. These items are designed and developed by the poet Satoshi Sugawara with the concept of “creating products full of poetry” and have an impressive look that is perfectly at home as part of a fashionable interior.

The fan rotates due to the power generation using the candle as a heat source, and a breeze that diffuses the scent is created. This can help you feel the fire close to you not only when using a bonfire and camping but also in your daily life.

By not using any power supply, you can easily carry it around for use outdoors. Bring your favorite scent while camping and enjoying outdoor activities to enhance the experience with your favorite natural scenery.

“Lei”, which is sure to provide relaxation not only at home time but also after dinner while camping, is currently accepting pre-orders and will start sales in Japan at the end of July. Check the official product website for details.

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