Check out the minimalistic table from the new brand “VERNE”.

1 month ago

Speaking of the new brand “VERNE”, many outdoor enthusiasts know about their trekking tables for solo campers. However, one of their most popular items is the spacious flat table. In addition to its beautiful design, it has a reputation for having a well-thought-out system that does not waste any of its accessories.

Even the assembly method is stylish.


This is the Verne table that has become a hot topic among campers. The angle and length of the legs and the balance with the top plate are excellent, and it is even visually appealing just as a table. However, the appeal of this product is not only the visuals, but also the nifty gimmicks.

The top plate is divided into three parts, and the legs are embedded in the central top plate. It also comes with a mesh storage bag, a webbed shoulder strap, and two poles. Keep these accessories in mind as we look at it further.

You can assemble the top plate with one touch, just insert the two top plates into the top plate with legs. The legs can be assembled by shaking the top plate in the center a little. The size of the top plate is 50 x 101 cm, and the height is 40 cm. The weight of the table alone is 3.1 kg, and when the accessories are included, it is 3.6 kg.

Both storage bags and straps can be used.

The shoulder strap of the storage bag we saw earlier can also be used as a daisy chain as shown in the photo. That’s why it comes with two poles.

If you spread the mesh storage bag and hang it under the top plate, you can create a net rack. This way, when used as a table there will be no accessories left lying around doing nothing.

Also, since the parts are compatible with other products in Verne’s VST (Verne System Table) series, it is possible to expand the area around the table to your liking.

Currently, it is so popular that it is in short supply, so don’t miss it when it is back in stock.


Deployed size: W50 x D101 x H40 cm

Stored size: W18 x D101 x H2.3 cm

Weight: 3.6kg