Helinox and their excellent storage capacity has teamed up with “Ramidus” for a unique new collaboration.

2 years ago

As a successor brand to “Head Porter” by Hiroshi Fujiwara, the bag brand “RAMIDUS” has been based in Harajuku since 2019.

With the theme of “new standard”, the brand makes high-quality bags that can be used every day and that suits all styles, and collaborations with other popular brands are also in the works. Recently the collaboration collection with Magic Stick attracted a lot of attention.

Now there is another hot collaboration item from Ramidus! The partner for this collaboration is Helinox, which you may well be familiar with. A collection of modern gens based on classic camp furniture with a twist that is typical of a bag brand is now available.

Swivel Chair ¥25850

Based on the concept of “providing easy-to-use and nifty storage,” the collection shines with a design that is typical of the bag brand Ramidus, but based on Helinox’s popular classic furniture.

By combining it with a Sasamachi pocket that is not available in the collection so far and a mesh material with high visibility, the specifications have been changed to be more practical.

Table One ¥25300

The staff bag (storage bag), which is one of the synonymous items of Helinox, is supposed to be used by attaching it to the main body, and the details are easy to use and the storage is improved.

Both brand names are displayed as reflectors created for this collaboration, paracord that has been repeatedly tested for texture and light emission, etc., makes it seem simple and clean, but the collection is packed with many fine details..

Cot Convertible(with Legs)¥68200

There are 4 items as part of the lineup. In addition to the swivel chair that rotates 360 °, they also have classic staple items such as a cot convertible from the table one, and a small chair mini (¥ 16500) also available.

In particular, when it comes to Helinox, Chair One is their most popular image, but the swivel chair is also a great addition. It seems like Helinox has responded to Ramidus’ wishes when it comes to this collection but it actually comes from a deep understanding and careful selection.

There are many Helinox collaborations, but this is the only one that is particular about storage rather than color. The special collection of Helinox x Ramidas, which gives a glimpse of their pride as a bag brand, is scheduled to be released on August 6, 2021 (Friday).

Don’t miss out on these new items which are sure to be great for summer festivals.

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