Improved functionality by eliminating waste. The new and evolved F / CE. cooler is back.

1 year ago

Speaking of F / CE., their directly managed store in Daikanyama, “ROOT” was renovated on August 15th and restarted as the brand’s flagship store, so it is attracting a lot of attention right now. But for now lets focus on another renewal of theirs.

In fact, the F / CE. cooler container, which is very popular among outdoor hobbyists, has been updated and re-released this season.


The F / CE. cooler container that has evolved into a leaner and more sophisticated look compared previously.

CODURA 500 denier ripstop fabric is used as the main material to ensure waterproofness and durability. The overlapping part of the two fabrics is specially welded to create a durable, seamless joint.

In addition, it uses a waterproof fastener, so there is no need to worry about it leaking even if ice is put in as it is.

As you can see, the inside is made of an extra-thick heat insulating material. Although it depends on the weather, it has enough cold insulation to keep ice frozen for about 20 hours. In addition, the capacity is 15L and it can hold 12 500mL PET bottles in an upright position.

It is very appealing that it is lightweight while having such a large volume of heat insulating material, and the total weight of about 1370g is also a nice point. It also comes with a shoulder belt, so it’s easy to carry.

And don’t forget the gear-like details on the sides. In addition to a small pocket that allows you to check the stored items with a well-ventilated mesh material, a hanging loop that can hang a weight of about 30 kg on one ring is installed, which is great for easily storing small items that are easy to forget such as bottle openers and can openers.

This F / CE. Cooler container now has improved functionality while eliminating waste. From summer to autumn, don’t miss out on this highly anticipated re-release!