A traditional stove in limited colors created in collaboration by Captain Stag x Corona in the town of Tsubamesanjo, Niigata.

2 years ago

The outdoor brand “CAPTAIN STAG” and the popular kerosene heater maker “CORONA” were founded in the Tsubamesanjo area of Niigata prefecture, which is known as a manufacturing town, and still have their headquarters based there. Through collaboration between different industries in the same neighborhood, a limited-edition stove in select colors has been born. Pre-orders will start at 10:00 am on September 1st (Wednesday).

A dark green convection kerosene heater with a distinctive retro feel.

U-1095  SL-51CS ¥29800

The base is the “SL series” that first made in 1962. The retro appearance that won the Long Life Design Award makes you feel the weight of nearly 60 years of tradition. For this collaboration, they have adopted a limited edition color of dark green, which gives it a slightly outdoors feel.

An original logo is on the front to commemorate this collaboration. It has many details that improve its ease of use as an oil stove, such as the remaining amount of kerosene being clear to see and the easy-to-turn knob.

It can be used indoors, such as in a living room or garage, or in a limited captain stag tent (UA-47, UA-46). In the photo, it is placed near the doorway and the entrance is open, but this is just an image photo. It cannot be used in windy places or outdoors.



Size: W460 x D460 x H553mm

Weight: 9.9 kg

Heating output: 5.14kW

Tank capacity: 6.0L

Burning duration: Approximately 12 hours


An oil stove in a tranquil black color.

U-1096  KT-16CS ¥24800

The “oil konro”, which is easy to use for cooking and keeping warm and is reliable in the event of a disaster, was also used as the basis of this collaboration model. Many people may imagine a wood grain print with this type of shape, but for this collaboration, they have finished it in a stylish matte black.

The names of both brands are displayed, Corona’s above the operation unit and Captain Stag below. The tranquil black color helps to re-imagine the traditional image of an oil stove.

As with the kerosene heater mentioned above, when using it outdoors, it is limited to the limited tents (UA-47, UA-46) of Captain Stag. In that case, it is necessary to attach a cooking guard (a tripod-shaped part) for safety.

Although the limited tent has been devised for affective ventilation, etc., please take all possible safety measures such as hanging a carbon monoxide alarm with careful ventilation. Of course, it is strongly advised not to use it in other tents.



Size: W490 x D490 x H320mm

Weight: 8.3 kg

Heating output: 1.59kW

Tank capacity: 4.9L

Burning duration: Approximately 32 hours


A Sierra cup to commemorate the collaboration will also be available.

This collaboration oil stove and oil kerosene burner will be sold for a limited number of 300 units each, and the first 100 people will receive a commemorative Sierra cup with a serial number.

The collaboration commemorative Sierra cup will be sold separately without an engraved serial number. This is limited to 200 pieces.

The above collaboration items will be available for pre-order at Captain Stag’s official online store from 10 am on September 1st. It will be shipped sequentially from mid-September.